Dorie Greenspan

Coffee Star Cookies
Rating: Unrated
Spelt flour's earthy flavor is a good companion to the warm spices and molasses in these cheerful cookies. Play around with the glaze and decorations to vary the look of the batch.
These tiny puffs are made from choux pastry, the same dough that's used to make cream puffs and eclairs. For a festive look, decorate with various colors of pearl or sanding sugars—both have larger granules that won't melt when baked.
You can fill these thumbprint cookies with jam or ruby chocolate, a naturally pink chocolate that has a tart, fruity flavor. You can find ruby chocolate (also called ruby cacao or ruby couverture) at some specialty grocery stores, including Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, and online.
Snowy Peaks
Rating: Unrated
These flourless chocolate treats look like tiny snow-capped mountains. Made with a blend of almonds, coconut and chocolate, they are gluten-free and have a rich, decadent flavor.
In France these are called merveilles, which means miracles. As the dough is fried in oil, it puffs up slightly, transforming into a delicate, airy confection. Here, we have cut the dough into triangles, but you can cut it into any shape you please.
Mini Pistachio Cakes
Rating: Unrated
Adding matcha, a powdered green tea with a grassy flavor, balances the sweetness of these little tea cakes and adds gorgeous color too. You can add more matcha to the glaze for a festive green tint or sprinkle some on top. Alternatively, use dehydrated raspberry powder for a pink hue.