Donavyn Coffey
Donavyn Coffey

Donavyn Coffey

Title: Reporter

Location: Russell Springs, Kentucky

Education: B.Sc. in Agriculture Biotechnology, University of Kentucky; M.Sc. in Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology, Aarhus University; M.A. in Journalism, New York University

Expertise: Nutrition, food technology & processing, agriculture, biotechnology, genetics

- Studied molecular nutrition as a Fulbright Scholar

- Published in Scientific American, Popular Science and Wired


Donavyn Coffey is an independent science reporter covering the gamut of health, food, tech and environment news. A Kentucky native, she traveled to Denmark as a Fulbright Scholar to study molecular nutrition and worked at a biotech company as a food scientist before she realized journalists were having all the real fun.

Now she splits her time between the rolling hills of rural Kentucky and anywhere there's a good food story to be reported. Her work has been published in Wired, Live Science, Popular Science, Scientific American, Self, WebMD and The Daily Beast, among others.

Donavyn uses her background in food technology and policy to write on food policy and public health topics. She served as a research scholar at a biotech firm studying the interaction between nutrients and genes, specifically how animal nutrition alters meat and food quality.

She is a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists and the Society for Environmental Journalism. 

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