Christine Yu Headshot
Christine Yu Headshot

Christine Yu

Title: Health and Fitness Journalist

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Education: B.A. in Art History, Columbia University; Master's Degree in Public Policy, Harvard University

Expertise: Health, fitness, nutrition, sports

- A decade of experience as a health, fitness and science journalist

- Yoga teacher who loves running, surfing and skiing


Christine Yu is an award-winning journalist who has covered health, science, fitness and nutrition for nearly a decade.

She currently contributes to a variety of health and fitness print and digital media outlets. Her writing has been featured in Family Circle, Outside Magazine, The Washington Post, Diabetic Living, Runner's World,, Women's Running, Columbia Medicine Magazine, Livestrong and other publications.

She is currently writing the nonfiction book Up To Speed: The Groundbreaking Science of Women Athletes. Scheduled for a 2023 release, the book examines women in sports science and how their roles have been affected by marginalization.

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