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Carolyn Williams, Ph.D., RD

Carolyn Williams, Ph.D., RD, is a 2017 James Beard Journalism Award winner and a leading culinary nutrition expert who has developed a knack for breaking down complex science into simple, concise bits of information and tips. She writes for a variety of online and print publications on health topics ranging from sleep to fasting to mental health. Carolyn is considered a leading nutrition expert on chronic inflammation and has two anti-inflammatory cookbooks: Meals That Heal: 100+ Everyday Anti-Inflammatory Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less (Tiller Press, 2019) and One-Pot Meals That Heal (The Experiment, 2022). She also co-hosts the Happy Eating podcast which explores the connection between diet, lifestyle and mental wellness through candid, light-hearted conversations. Carolyn resides in Alabama along with her two children, Madeline and Griffin and is a tenured college professor at a local community college teaching culinary arts and nutrition courses.
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