Carolyn Malcoun
Carolyn Malcoun

Carolyn Malcoun

Title: Senior Food Features Editor

Location: Burlington, Vermont

Education: B.A. Journalism, University of Wisconsin-Madison; AOS Culinary Arts, New England Culinary Institute

Expertise: Recipe development, product testing, writing, editing, recipe editing, nutrition analysis


As EatingWell's senior food features editor, Carolyn Malcoun searches for cool farmers, chefs and other food stories to tell. Carolyn has nearly two decades of experience developing recipes and writing and editing feature stories and cookbooks. She started at EatingWell as an intern in the Test Kitchen in 2005 and joined the editorial team soon after. Carolyn has also written for Draft Magazine, Modern Farmer and Cooking Light.

Her culinary interest is rooted in her childhood: baking thousands of Christmas cookies every year with her mom (her favorite: pecan tartlets), picking leaves off bunches of parsley to make tabbouleh with her Lebanese dad, and churning out beef bourguignon and French silk pie at age 10.

Though she's lived in Michigan, Arizona, Texas, Maine, Wisconsin and Minnesota, Carolyn says Vermont felt like home from the moment she arrived there. She has a way-too-big garden and loves exploring the outdoors (be it hiking, ski touring, snowshoeing, biking, camping) with her husband, daughter and two dogs. Carolyn has a deep-seated love for live music, sour beers and Mexican food.

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