Barry Estabrook

There's a mounting crisis in agriculture that isn't often talked about: at an average of nearly 60 years old, many U.S. farmers are aging out of the business, and younger generations have been slow to step in, leaving a troubling gap. EatingWell looks at what's being done to safeguard our food system.
I spent three years on plans from keto to Weight Watchers, dug into the bizarro history of diets (smoke Lucky Strikes?!) and consulted countless weight-loss experts. Here’s what I learned about what actually helps the pounds come off and stay off.
California grows a huge percentage of our country's fruits and vegetables, yet farms are facing epic labor shortages preventing ripe produce from even being picked, let alone making its way to your grocery store. Here's what you need to know.
As the use of antibiotics in farming and raising livestock has increased, new antibiotic resistant bacteria, or "superbugs" are emerging. Here's what you need to know about antibiotics in your food and eating antibiotic-free food.
Learn more about the debate on genetically modified corn versus organic corn, and find out how to buy the best corn.