Ashley Abramson Headshot
Ashley Abramson Headshot

Ashley Abramson

Title: Freelance writer

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Education: B.A. in English from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul

Expertise: Psychology, mental health, health, nutrition

- Focuses on the intersection of lifestyle and health

- Freelance writer and editor since 2014


Ashley Abramson is a freelance writer and editor who has specialized in lifestyle content with a focus on health, nutrition and psychology since 2014. Her work has appeared in EatingWell, Glamour, Health, InStyle, Allure, The Washington Post and The New York Times. She contributes regularly to Apartment Therapy.

After graduating from college, Ashley launched a freelance writing career and has published health articles in print and online for numerous national publications ever since. Ashley's work focuses on the intersection of lifestyle and health, including mental health, nutrition and fitness.

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