Anna Funk, Ph.D. Headshot
Anna Funk, Ph.D. Headshot

Anna Funk, Ph.D.

Title: Writer

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Education: B.A. in Environmental Studies from Illinois Wesleyan University; Ph.D. from Michigan State University, Department of Plant Biology

Expertise: Nature, environment, health, research, ecology, biology, science

- Former editor at Discover magazine

- 2020 Early Career Publication Award, Ecological Society of America


Anna Funk, Ph.D., is a Kansas City-based science writer covering research, nature and health. She's published seven scientific research papers, taught university-level biology courses, hosted YouTube series, edited magazine features and written hundreds of popular news and feature articles.

Anna earned her doctorate in biology in 2018, after which she was stationed at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as part of the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Mass Media Fellowship Program. Later, she was an editor at Discover magazine, where she wrote and edited a variety of science stories from news briefs to features, appeared in video series and reviewed books. Today, she writes for a variety of outlets, including Midwest Living, Inverse and Discover, and is a partner at the content marketing firm Lunaris Creative, where she helps science organizations tell their stories.

As a science communicator, she takes the latest scientific research and translates it into written content that everyone can enjoy and understand.

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