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Alysia Bebel is a Social Media Producer and Writer for EatingWell. She loves crafting punchy captions and creating fun video content to keep you engaged. Her finger is always on the pulse of social media's latest food trends and hacks. Alysia earned her Bachelors degree in Business Marketing from the University of Houston. She continued her education in the health and wellness field and is a certified barre Instructor in New York City.
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Aloe Smoothie
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Many people swear by aloe for glowing skin, and this smoothie is a delicious way to get it into your diet. You probably know aloe as a topical skin soother, but it also delivers antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Some people don't love the flavor of aloe, so this recipe has plenty of fruit to help balance the flavors. Make sure you're buying pure aloe vera meant for eating—or that you've got the correct aloe vera plant if you're DIYing. Read more about aloe vera benefits and cautions.
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