The 85th Day Food Community Team

Grilling corn concentrates its sweetness and gives it a nice smoky flavor, which pairs wonderfully with the compound butter's triple punch of umami from mushrooms, miso and Parmesan. Read more about this recipe here.
Honey Cornmeal Cake
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If you've been eyeing local cornmeal at your farmers' market, snap it up to make this cake. Cornmeal is ground from hard dried field corn (not the same type you nibble off the cob). And when it's freshly milled, it tastes—apologies in advance—cornier than what you can typically buy at the grocery store. This recipe was created to showcase the cornmeal from Davis Farm in Stonington, Connecticut, which has been growing the same variety of flint corn since the late 1600s. Serve with macerated berries or whipped cream. Read more about this recipe here.
Black sea bass is plentiful in the Atlantic near Stonington, Connecticut, home of Stone Acres Farm, source of the summer vegetables that inspired this recipe. Paired with a charred tomato-and-corn salad and served with a lip-smacking beurre blanc, the dish screams summer. The key to the sauce not breaking is to slowly melt the butter into it—if it happens too quickly, move the pan off the heat while you whisk, returning it to low heat as needed. Read more about Stone Acres Farm here.
The chickpea pancake that hails from Provence, socca, is a simple canvas for bold flavors. This one is served with sliced potatoes, fried golden brown, and a bright scallion relish, but you can top socca with just about anything. Serve with a knife and fork, or tear off pieces and eat it with your hands. Read more about this recipe here.
When tomatoes and eggplant come into season, the team at Stone Acres Farm in Stonington, Connecticut, combines them in as many ways as possible. This salad is a celebration of these two vegetables. Caramelizing the lemon halves and squeezing their juice into the vinaigrette adds a level of depth you just wouldn't get from straight-up lemon juice. Serve with grilled bread so you can enjoy every bit of the delicious dressing. Read more about Stone Acres Farm here.