Pictured Recipe: Creamy Potato Salad

Easy tips for making perfect potato salad.

When summer picnic season rolls around, potato salad is king in our house. But not just any potato salad. The constant request from my husband is for this one Creamy Potato Salad recipe in particular because of, he says, the secret ingredient: pickles.

The pickles (capers too) really are a genius addition, but there are some other tricks to the secret sauce beyond pickles that take potato salad to the next level. The best part is that the same tricks the EatingWell Test Kitchen devised to make your potato salad taste delicious also make it much healthier than classic versions. People will ask you for this recipe. I guarantee it. Happy picnicking!

Read on for 5 must-have potato salad secrets.

-Penelope Wall, Senior Interactive Producer,


1. Use Waxy Potatoes

Use waxy potatoes (i.e., fingerlings, red potatoes, Yukon Golds) instead of floury potatoes (i.e., russet) if you want them to hold their shape better when you toss the potatoes with the dressing.

Lighten Up the Dressing

2. Lighten Up the Dressing

Lighten up the dressing by using a mixture of reduced-fat mayo and low-fat yogurt. The yogurt gives the salad a nice tang.

Add a Little Vinegar

3. Add a Little Vinegar

Toss potatoes with a little good vinegar while they are still warm to infuse them with flavor.

Add Great Flavor Without Fat

4. Add Great Flavor Without Fat

Add great flavor without fat: onions, chives, capers and gherkins add a lasting piquant finish.

Sneak in Some Veggies

5. Sneak in Some Veggies

Sneak in some veggies: red bell pepper and celery are naturally low in calories and will give your salad an appealing crunch and color.