Cools your favorite beverages in minutes—and looks so hip!

Cools your favorite beverages in minutes-and looks so hip!

After testing the Cooper Cooler ($79.99), I immediately thought of how my life would change. No more bottles of beer exploding in the freezer. (If only I had enough refrigerator space for a 6-pack!) My wine-tasting parties will be infinitely easier-without fail, people bring bottles of white still at room temperature, and I never have enough ice to chill several bottles in the sink. Now all I'll have to do is add two trays of ice along with some water to the cooler, pick a setting on the nifty dial, and my wine, beer or seltzer will be at the right temperature in just minutes. Another nice feature: the Cooper Cooler warms liquids-say, baby bottles-too; just add hot tap water to the reservoir. For a list of retailers, go to

-Carolyn Malcoun, Associate Food Editor