Whip up these slimmed-down Mexican favorites for your next fiesta!

Creamy guacamole, crispy tortilla chips and citrusy margaritas taste great but that doesn't mean they're great for you. In fact, oftentimes these items come loaded with a shocking amount of fat, sodium and calories. A serving of standard tortilla chips (laughably, only about 8 of them) can pack in 300 calories. A margarita from a premade mix can have 340 calories. Even guacamole-which is, after all, mostly just diced up veggies-can pack 190 calories in a half-cup serving and a whopping 14 grams of fat (avocados are surprisingly high in fat, although it's the healthy monounsaturated variety). Here are our painless tips and delicious recipes to cut 380 calories from the traditional versions of your Mexican favorites while still making them taste great!

-Matthew Thompson, Associate Food Editor

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Pictured Recipe: Skinny Guacamole

1. For Lighter Guacamole, Swap Out Some Avocado

Guacamole purists might cringe, but one easy way to slash fat and calories from your avocado dip is to remove some avocado. In our recipe, we replaced about half of it with cooked zucchini. The results tasted every bit as good as traditional guacamole-in fact, I might go so far as to say I like the lighter consistency better! And the nutrition savings speak for themselves: our recipe has about 100 calories fewer than traditional ones, and 6 grams less of fat.

Pictured Recipe: Homemade Tortilla Chips

2. For Healthier Chips, Bake Your Own Tortilla Chips

Because most tortilla chips are deep-fried, they tend to be loaded with calories. That's why making your own-in the oven, not the fryer-is so much better for you. By making your own tortilla chips, you can save 130 calories and still get the salty crunch you love!

Pictured Recipe: Classic Margarita

3. For a Skinny Margarita, Make Your Own Margarita Mix

Most margarita mixes come loaded with sugar-not to mention a long list of other ingredients you've probably never heard of (sodium bisulfate, anyone?). Party healthier by making your own mix. Our recipe cuts 150 calories per drink…and tastes a lot better too!