My Favorite Trader Joe's Summer Find Is Finally Back, and It Literally Costs $2.29

It's sweet, spicy and simply irresistible.

Trader Joe's storefront in Los Angeles
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Summer may not have officially started, but Trader Joe's is already filling its aisles with tons of fun, fresh items that will get you in the mood to hit the pool. The store's latest edition of the Fearless Flyer rounds up lots of new and returning grocery finds, including one drink I was especially excited to see.

That's right, my fellow citrus lovers: Trader Joe's Jalapeño Limeade is back, and I'm ready to purchase a financially irresponsible number of bottles. The organic lime juice-based drink comes once a year, and it's a godsend for fans of spicy margaritas. The spicy limeade comes in a generous 32-ounce glass bottle—which I love to wash and keep around for batches of iced tea or an impromptu vase for flowers—and it costs just $2.29, which is kind of a steal.

The limeade itself is truly packed with sweet-tart-spicy flavor, which makes it an ideal mixer. Just add a shot of tequila and garnish with a lime wedge and a slice of jalapeño—or even a Tajín rim—for an impressive but super-quick marg. The folks at TJ's suggest opting for rum instead of tequila and garnishing with something fresh and verdant, like a sprig of mint or even cilantro, if you want to shake things up. I love serving it over ice with club soda, which lightens the drink up and adds fun effervescence.

The limeade is also tasty on its own, but it's pretty sweet, with 22 grams of added sugar in every 8-ounce serving, so folks who need to watch their sugar consumption might prefer to cut it with plain seltzer. Since folks should aim for just 50 grams of added sugar each day, a serving of the jalapeño limeade would definitely dominate your daily sugar consumption—but an occasional glass can definitely work in a healthy eating pattern.

A splash of the limeade would even be a fun addition to a marinade for grilled chicken or shrimp, especially if you're gearing up for taco night. Heck, you could even pour some limeade directly into popsicle molds and pop them into the freezer, if you want to have a new favorite cool-down treat. And if you're crafting a menu for summer festivities, picking up a bottle of this jalapeño limeade can save you the effort of making a big-batch cocktail or mocktail, since you have the makings of both in a single jug.

Just be sure you grab some sooner rather than later. When TJ's drops a seasonal item, there's no telling how long it will last at your local store, and I only managed to find it at my Trader Joe's outpost twice last year before it disappeared. Grab a couple of bottles when you next hit the grocery store, and get ready to drink up.

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