Want Free Ground Beef for a Year? Here's What You Need to Know

Get ready with your meatballs, stuffed peppers and tacos.

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If you spend any time on social media, you've probably heard about ButcherBox, the popular higher-quality meat subscription service. If you haven't signed up to become a member—and are curious about it—now might be the time. Why? ButcherBox is offering all new members 2 pounds of 100% grass-fed ground beef for free with every order for a year. The offer is valid until June 18, 2023, for new members in the contiguous U.S. and can't be combined or added to prior purchases or gift cards.

What Is ButcherBox?

Founded in 2015, ButcherBox delivers grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, humanely raised pork and wild-caught seafood. The company aims to consider issues like animal welfare, farmer support, greener living and upholding diversity, equity and inclusion in its business as guideposts in its mandate. And their meat and seafood hit on both quality and taste.

So What Does ButcherBox Offer?

To access the goods, ButcherBox requires that you sign up for a free membership, and you can choose your box delivery to come anywhere from every four to eight weeks. If you don't need your box right away, you can easily delay your membership until you're ready for a restock. Membership perks include things like access to exclusive monthly deals and incentives for referring friends.

If you're signing up, you can choose between the Custom Box or a selection of four curated box options: The Mixed Box, which includes a mix of beef, pork and chicken, The Beef & Chicken Box, The Beef & Pork Box and The All Beef Box. Members who select a custom box can choose from up to 21 cuts of a mix of beef, pork and chicken, and they also have the opportunity to add in other special cuts like salmon, lamb and turkey, depending on availability.

ButcherBox Plans and Box Types

Curated Plans

With the curated plans, the meat cuts are chosen for you and additional meat or seafood add-ons aren't permitted. What you can choose is the size: A Classic Box, good for an individual or small family, costs $146 and includes 8 to 11 pounds of meat, so about $17.18 to $13.27 per pound, respectively. A Big Box, on the other hand, which is typically better for larger families or those who have more freezer capacity, offers better value at $269 for 16 to 22 pounds of meat. That's $16.81 to $12.23 per pound, respectively.


  • Cuts are predetermined. Easy ordering, no thinking required.
  • No add-ons.
  • Classic Box: $146 for 8 to 11 pounds of meat ($17.18 to $13.27/lb.).
  • Big Box: $269 for 16 to 22 pounds ($16.81 to $12.23/lb.).

Custom Plans

With the custom plans, you have the flexibility to choose your cuts and add-ons, and these boxes also include a little more meat. A Classic Box, which again is good for an individual or small family, includes 9 to 14 pounds of meat and sells for $169, or $18.77 to $12.07 per pound. A custom Big Box offers a better value at $306 for 18 to 26 pounds of meat, setting you back anywhere from $17 to $11.77 per pound.


  • Choose your own adventure in terms of cuts. Add on seafood, lamb and turkey, if available.
  • Classic Box: $166 for 9 to 14 pounds of meat ($18.77 to $12.07/lb.).
  • Big Box: $306 for 18 to 26 pounds ($17 to $11.77/lb.).

Is ButcherBox Actually a Better Value?

Since the quality and price of meat can vary significantly by retailer and by geographical location, it's difficult to find an exact value comparison. But these prices seem to reflect the cost of similar quality meat found at local farmers' markets. So while the price point may be similar, ButcherBox still offers the convenience of to-your-door-delivery, which is especially good if you don't have easy access to markets, are too busy to grocery shop and/or prefer the ease of online ordering. And the free ground beef deal might even make it more appealing!

When it comes to ground beef, ButcherBox allows members to add on two 1-pound packs of ground beef for $14 to their box. This is comparable or higher-priced compared to grocers. After a quick look at common grocery store pricing for grass-fed organic ground beef, the grocer Wegmans averages around $7.49/lb., Target sells for $6.45/lb., Aldi clocks in at $6.29/lb. and Costco offers a 12-pack for $129.99, which works out to $10.83/lb.

So if you're considering leveling up your meat game or looking for some added convenience, now might be the time to sign up. And, bonus, you'll be able to make the best burgers all summer long.

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