The 7 Best Sale Items at Costco in May

Get them while you can!

I love a good sale! Who doesn't? And for their prices and quality, Costco will always have my heart. But when I'm spending money on things that make us happier and healthier, and make our lives a little easier, the money feels easier to spend. Thankfully, the latest batch of deals at Costco is full of great discounts for items that meet those needs. From adding little moments of joy into the everyday, to making healthier choices easier, to simplifying snacking, there is something in here for everyone just trying to live a little better. For some basic, but really good products and product hack advice, keep reading. And if you take only one thing from this story in the end, please hear me when I say that icy drinks in an insulated bottle are a bit of everyday magic!

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1. LaCroix Sparkling Water Variety Pack

$2.50 off in warehouses and online

I have been influenced. Over the past two months, I have become a spherical-ice-filled, insulated-tumbler-drinking girl. And my cup is often filled with sparkling water, like LaCroix. At last look, LaCroix had 31 unique flavors on their site, and I am here for all of them. And scoring a deal on a variety pack at Costco makes my sparkling water habit more affordable. This variety pack offers a selection of a few of LaCroix's core flavors at a steal. Get your tumblers and fancy ice ready and join me on this joyful ride!

2. DeBee's Organic Superfruit Freezie Pops

$3 off in warehouses only

As soon as the warm weather hits, I get daily requests from my kids for frozen treats. We lean into nice cream recipes a lot, but these DeeBee's Organics SuperFruit Freezies are a great option when we're short on time or entertaining a whole slew of neighborhood kids. But adults also love them! One of EatingWell's editors even declared them the No. 1 Costco dessert! Refreshing and fruity, with a balance of sweet-tart flavors, they pack a lot of punch for a treat with no added sugar. Clocking in at only 5 grams per freezie, their sweetness comes entirely from 100% fruit juice and fruit puree. For me, this means the daily requests can be met, without worrying about my family consuming too much added sugar.

3. Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Spray

$4.20 off in warehouses only

Having an easily accessible cooking oil that's convenient to use, has a smoke point of 500°F, is flavor-neutral, great for both sweet and savory foods, and may even offer some health benefits sounds like it's too good to be true. But despite this big ask, Chosen Foods delivers on all of these with its avocado oil spray. It's a product that gets a lot of hype because it really is that good. So when it's on sale, it's worth stocking up on. I couldn't imagine not having it now for greasing my grill grates and baking pans.

4. Babybel Mini Cheese

$4.30 off in warehouses only

When I was growing up, my stepdad would take half of the discarded wax casing from a Babybel cheese and put it on his nose to look like a clown. This always got a lot of laughs. And because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree (or something like that), my kids are now also doing it. But I'd still buy Babybels even if they didn't provide endless dress-up entertainment. Packed with protein and fat for lasting satisfaction, they make an easy portable snack. But when I'm craving something a little more sophisticated, I pair them with a hunk of good sourdough, fresh stone fruit, like peaches or cherries, a handful of arugula for good measure, and a cheeky glass of wine.

5. Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

$5 off in warehouses and online

Cold brew season is upon us, and that means a steady stream of fresh cold brew in my fridge for lux iced coffee drinks in a hurry. Because of their lower acidity levels, dark roast beans are my preference for cold-brewing. But because it takes at least twice the amount of coffee grounds to make cold brew (compared to a typical batch of traditionally brewed coffee), cold brew is not the most economical choice. Thankfully, Costco comes in with a hard save on this one. The price tag for 2 pounds of Pete's Coffee rivals that of a 1-pound bag of grocery store beans. I'll literally drink to that all summer long!

6. Power Up Mega Omega Trail Mix

$3 off in warehouses only

Trail mix can get a bad rap, but not all mixes are created equally. The Power Up Mega Omega Trail Mix is one of the good ones. As the name suggests, this blend offers up plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. But it's also rich in fiber and lower in added sugar than many other trail mixes. The dried mango and cranberries, which give it its sweetness, also make it fun and extra flavorful. The champion of easygoing snacks, trail mix holds up well during travel, can withstand dramatic temperature fluctuations, and can be batched and tucked into a purse for true hangry emergencies.

7. Snapware Pyrex 18-Piece Glass Food Storage Set

$5 off in warehouses and online

It's no secret that we love to meal prep. Taking the guesswork out of feeding yourself or your family each week has more benefits than we have time to list here. But meal-prepping, well, requires a mix of thoughtful planning and the right tools for the job. We've got you covered when it comes to the thoughtful planning part. And you know Costco has your back when it comes to the tools! These glass Snapware containers check all the boxes. They're airtight and leakproof, so you can pack cheap, healthy lunches for the days you're in office. And they're holy grail safe, meaning you can use them everywhere from oven to microwave to freezer, and even put them in the dishwasher.

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