The 5 Ina Garten Recipes That Jennifer Garner Can't Stop Making

We can’t blame Garner: we also love these Ina classics!

Frozen yogurt bark, homemade ice cream and easy pumpkin loaves: you can count on Jennifer Garner to make incredibly delicious and super-simple recipes for any-level home chef to follow on her Instagram. But you may be wondering what—or rather, who—inspires the actor to whip up these tasty concoctions.

In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, Garner explained that when it comes to what she eats in a day, one of EatingWell's favorite chefs is crucial to her routine.

"I lean heavily on Barefoot Contessa," Garner said in the video. "I love her recipes, you can count on them."

She then goes on to list some of her favorite Ina recipes, from classic dinner dishes to a sweet Sunday breakfast staple. Here are the Ina Garten recipes you need to try, according to Jennifer Garner.

1. Honey White Bread

Making your own bread at home can be rewarding, and this Garten recipe is worth the effort. Jennifer Garner loves this Honey White Bread, perfect for a spring brunch or weekend baking. Since the recipe yields two loaves, this breakfast bread is perfect for prepping before the start of the week, freezing for later or to share with future guests—or even as a delicious gift for Mother's Day!

Looking for more bread recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth? Try our new Oatmeal Banana Bread that's packed with fiber and well-suited for any time of day.

2. Beef Bourguignon

Garten's fan-favorite Beef Bourguignon is Garner-approved, and we can see why. Something we love about Garner calling out this iconic dish is that Garten uses tips and tricks for it from her own cooking inspiration: Julia Child.

While Child's recipe takes over three hours to make, Garten's fan-favorite recipe simplifies it by using a Dutch oven, cutting the time in half. We also recommend using an Instant Pot for a similar effect.

3. Roast Chicken

When it comes to iconic Ina recipes, Garner notes her roast chicken because, "obviously, it's classic!" Garten's Perfect Roast Chicken embraces fresh and flavorful ingredients like garlic, onion, thyme and lemon for the perfect bite in each forkful. Also, it only requires three steps to make, making it a simple dinner main to pair with a seasonal veggie side dish and a glass of wine.

Try out our variations of the traditional recipe, like our Basic Whole Roast Chicken or Grandma's Polish-Style Roast Chicken.

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4. Roasted Vegetables

Whether you're serving veggies alongside your main or meal-prepping them ahead of time, roasted vegetables are a customizable side dish that can add a seasonal flair to any dinner table.

According to Garner, Garten's techniques for roasted vegetables are essential all year round. Whether it's her Roasted Summer Vegetables or her cozier Roasted Winter Vegetables, these sheet-pan recipes are easy to whip up and serve.

5. Salmon

Garner didn't get into the specifics of which Garten salmon recipe is her go-to, but from Panko-Crusted Salmon to Roasted Salmon with Green Herbs, we're drooling over these delicious flavor combinations. For Garten's salmon with soy sauce, Dijon and garlic, we recommend pairing the fish with our Spinach Salad with Ginger-Soy Dressing.

"Anything I do well is because of Ina," Garner reiterates at the end of the video segment. We love the praise that Garner graciously gives to Garten, and we agree with every word. Once you're done trying all of Garner's go-to Barefoot Contessa recipes, taste some of our favorite Garten dishes, like her Berry Breakfast Cake or her Tuscan White Bean Soup.

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