Giada De Laurentiis Says Her 3-Ingredient Whipped Brie Cheese is "Perfection" and Her "New Favorite App"

This 3-ingredient snack recipe idea is as easy as it is delicious, the Food Network star says.

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Feta cheese certainly had a moment in 2021 and 2022. Baked feta pasta took over social media (and beyond); inspiring everyone from Lizzo to Martha Stewart to share their variations on the theme. Then Whipped Feta Dip took over as the snack du jour. At one point, there was such high demand for feta cheese that many retailers reported shortages or challenges keeping shelves stocked.

While we're fans of feta—and all kinds of cheese in moderation—we prefer to showcase it uncooked and more front and center in dishes like Cucumber-Feta Dip, Charred Onions and Beets with Creamy Feta Dressing and Watermelon, Cucumber and Feta Salad. For cooking and baking, we're BFFs with brie.

So when we spotted Giada De Laurentiis' recent Instagram post about Whipped Brie Cheese that she describes as "perfection" and her "new favorite app," we couldn't help but channel our inner Lizzo and say, "It's about damn time" for brie to have its turn to shine!

While no one can trademark a recipe, this whipped brie concept appears to date back to January 5, when Kelly Senyei of her rendition on her blog, Just a Taste. Her how-to videos about Whipped Brie Cheese have since racked up more than 2.1 million views on TikTok and more than 6,150 comments on Instagram.

De Laurentiis and the team at her lifestyle brand, Giadzy, developed their own Whipped Brie Cheese recipe that the Food Network star describes as an "airy, fluffy version of brie [that's] about to be the next hit of aperitivo hour. Pair it with jam, honey, nuts and herbs to take it to the next level!"

To make it, transfer two or three 8-ounce wheels of triple-cream brie cheese from the refrigerator to the freezer for about 30 minutes so it's easier to remove the rinds. You need more than one wheel to ensure the cheese processes into its light and pillowy glory. Once the cheese is just barely frozen, use a vegetable peeler to shave off the rind (or as much as you can slice off without sacrificing the glorious cheese itself).

Using a sharp knife, slice the brie into 2-inch cubes, then place the cheese into a food processor or stand mixer fit with a paddle attachment. Blend the brie on high—De Laurentiis confirms that it's totally normal for the cheese to ball up slightly at first—until it becomes light and fluffy. Senyei suggests 10 minutes.

Once the brie is cloud-like and ultra-creamy, transfer it to a serving bowl and garnish as desired. Giada's big on fig or quince jam plus chopped, toasted pecans, a combo that keeps the ingredient count to three. But we can imagine that this whipped cheese is also incredible with fresh fruit or a sauce, such as this Blackberry Compote. Scoop it up with crostini, crackers or apple slices.

We're already looking forward to adding this Whipped Brie Cheese recipe to our next party menu. If you're as big on brie as we are, you may want to also consider these other 3-ingredient brie snacks: Baked Brie with Jam in Puff Pastry, Cranberry-Brie Bites and Apple and Rotisserie Chicken Brie Bites.

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