Jennifer Lopez Just Launched a Line of Bottled Cocktails—but Are They Healthy?

Before you stock up on these bottles, find out if they’re healthy options for your lifestyle.

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Jennifer Lopez is a woman of many talents. The singer, dancer and actor has established many companies over the course of her very successful career, from clothing and fragrance lines, to a lucrative production company. Most recently, Lopez just announced her newest business venture: The House of Delola, which offers an array of ready-to-drink cocktails.

"I love entertaining and to relax and unwind with friends, but never found a drink that was right for me," Lopez said in a press release. "I was in search of something that I could enjoy that fit the thoughtful way that I live my life. When I didn't find it, I decided to create Delola."

"My goals were better ingredients, better taste, fewer calories than traditional cocktails and one simple pour."

While Lopez claims that her new bottled spritz-based cocktails are healthier options than what's on the market, are they really healthy for you? Read on to find out.

It was shared in a press release that Lopez typically enjoys a classic and simple drink, whether it be a glass of rosé or Champagne or a light cocktail. However, Lopez's love for a good spritz derived from relaxing trips to the Italian coast. This is what inspired her to create her own line of spritzes that don't include artificial colors, have less sugar than competitors and only have as much alcohol as a typical glass of wine, keeping it true to the lower alcohol content of a spritz.

The Delola line currently has three flavors: Paloma Rosa, Bella Berry and L'Orange. The serving description on the website insists you crack open the bottle and pour over ice to enjoy, but keep in mind that there are about five servings per bottle, so we suggest enjoying it with a few friends! Let's break down the nutrition information for each flavor.

First, a 5-ounce serving of Delola's Paloma Rosa tequila-based spritz cocktail includes:

  • 110 calories
  • 7.1 grams carbs
  • 0 grams total fat
  • 0 grams protein

Delola's website says this pink-hued cocktail is made with premium tequila, grapefruit and elderflower. But, as with the other flavors, it doesn't go into detail as to exactly what the ingredient list contains, which makes it hard to decipher the added sugar content of these cocktails.

A 5-ounce serving of Delola's Bella Berry vodka-based spritz cocktail contains:

  • 111 calories
  • 9.3 grams carbs
  • 0 grams total fat
  • 0 grams protein

This deep fuschia-colored cocktail is said to be made with premium vodka, berries and hibiscus, the latter of which adds both bright color and antioxidants into the mix. To say we love the hint of this floral ingredient is an understatement!

And a 5-ounce serving of Delola's L'Orange premium amaro-based spritz cocktail has:

  • 107 calories
  • 8.5 grams carbs
  • 0 grams total fat
  • 0 grams protein

Last but not least, this L'Orange cocktail is said to be made with premium amaro, orange and passion fruit, and most closely resembles the beloved Aperol Spritz cocktail which is traditionally made with Aperol, prosecco, club soda and an orange slice. While we have yet to try it ourselves, we love the idea of adding passion fruit into the mix of this spritz.

According to our own nutrition parameters, these drinks are low in calories and low in carbohydrates. Without the full ingredient lists for these products as well as additional information like added sugar content, it's hard to say whether or not Lopez's new line of spritzes are well-suited for all lifestyles and special diets. But with natural (and delicious) flavors like fruit juices and floral notes, we think these drinks will be perfect for enjoying on occasion!

The convenience of simply being able to pour over ice and garnish with fresh citrus also has us excited to try these sippers. Plus, these lower-alcohol offerings are on trend with what we're seeing in the marketplace—folks are looking for lighter options that they can sip on without feeling too strong of a buzz.

The Bottom Line

Lopez's new line of ready-to-drink cocktails are low in calories and contain natural ingredients. They seem like a nice option for when you want to mix up a quick drink for guests, but it's difficult to really evaluate if these drinks are healthy without the full list of nutritional information.

As Delola products are just starting to be manufactured in the States, they're not available for purchase just yet. You can request the products to be sold at your local liquor store or grocery store, where spirits are sold. According to the press release, Delola will be offered in both 750-mL and 357-mL bottles with suggested retail pricing of $22.99 and $11.99, respectively.

Want to try re-creating these spritzes at home? Try our Rose Mojito, Grapefruit Elderflower Spritz and Gin & Blackberry Spritz to re-create JLo's drinks in your own kitchen.

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