Amy Sedaris Just Dished on the Foods She Can't Live Without—and I'm Drooling Over Her Dream Sandwich

From sandwiches to chocolate-covered pretzels, Amy Sedaris has fantastic taste.

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Amy Sedaris is booked and busy. The comedian and actor has starred in multiple shows this year including the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian and the movie Somebody I Used To Know (streaming on Amazon Prime). But Sedaris' passion for cooking and entertaining (she penned a book on entertaining, complete with recipes, in 2008) hasn't been put on the back burner. To help celebrate everybody's favorite lunch—sandwiches—she partnered with Hillshire Farm brand on the "Oh, Hill Yeah" campaign. And it's a fun one! The brand is encouraging people to use the hashtag and craft their own sandwiches inspired by their loved ones.

Her dream sandwich? Hillshire Farm bran Black Forest Ham, swiss cheese roasted red peppers, butter lettuce, olive and pickles stacked on a brioche bun.

EatingWell sat down and chatted with Sedaris about her recent projects, favorite recipes and kitchen essentials. Trust us when we say by the end of this interview, we were starving.

EatingWell: Walk me through a typical day from breakfast to dinner—what do you normally eat?

Sedaris: I'm not a big breakfast person. It's not my favorite thing. But I do go to the gym, so I'll have half of some kind of [power] bar. Then after the gym, I'll come home and I'll either make eggs or I'll make a sandwich on toast with lettuce on it, some kind of meat on it, and a little bit of mayonnaise. I try to eat just half of it. Then I go full-force for dinner. I eat my biggest meal at night!

EatingWell: What are some of your favorite foolproof recipes, whether it's for a dinner party or just an easy weeknight meal?

Sedaris: I roast chickens a lot, because living by myself it's something that I can eat throughout the week. So that's a go-to. A lot of times I just roast salmon and vegetables. It's a one pot meal; put it on the pan, put in the oven and walk away for 20 minutes. If I entertain others, I make spanakopita, because people love spanakopita and it's easy for them to take home and eat later. And I've been making a lot of hummus lately. That's been fun.

EatingWell: What are some of your refrigerator staples?

Sedaris: Flaxseed oil, tahini [for hummus], the cherries with the stems on them…Olives, feta cheese, eggs. That's what I have going on right now that I can think of. I've got some of those Italian sodas which are just a game changer. I don't drink soda, but I like having that stuff on hand. A lot of people like sparkling water, so it's good to have some sparkling water as well.

EatingWell: Was there one snack or meal that you ate on repeat while filming the latest season of The Mandalorian?

Amy Sedaris: I don't eat on set because my belt is too tight. You know? But I'm a sucker for potato chips. I'm not going to be able to pronounce them but they're these Spanish ones that are made with olive oil and they come in a tin. I get them at this cheese shop in Essex Market. I walk down there and bring the big drums [of chips] home and I give them to my family at Christmastime. They're so good.

EatingWell: New York City has so many good restaurants—do you have a favorite?

Sedaris: There's a restaurant here called abcV. It's vegan and vegetarian. It's really, really good. That's my favorite place right now. So I love going there.

EatingWell: How long have you been cooking? Was it a lifelong passion?

Sedaris: We [my siblings and I] learned from my mother and everyone in my family cooks. [And we learned from] Girl Scouts. We all know how to cook. We've just been doing it our whole lives. But the first thing I made by myself was cornish hens stuffed with black wild rice. I invited all my friends over and we got to eat in the basement. That was fun.

EatingWell: Sweet or Salty?

Sedaris: How about a chocolate-covered pretzel?

EatingWell: Do you take your coffee hot or iced?

Sedaris: I take it both actually. I always have an iced coffee ready to go in my refrigerator. But today I woke up and I had hot coffee because it was a little cold out. But then during the day I had an iced coffee.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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