You Can Make a Starbucks Pink Drink at Home—and It Has 15g Less Sugar

And it’s budget-friendly!

Copycat Starbucks Pink Drink
Photo: Ali Redmond

Another Starbucks copycat recipe just went viral on TikTok, and this one is a refreshing favorite.

TikTok creator Moro @morocooks just made a Starbucks Pink Drink at home in his budget-friendly "Make It or Buy It?" series, and in two days the video has nearly 5 million views. We definitely understand its popularity: the drink only needs four ingredients to make at home, and it's only a quarter of the price.

In the video, Moro uses a ratio of three parts Ocean Spray's White Cran-Strawberry juice and one part coconut milk in a glass jar filled with ice. After shaking up the liquid ingredients, he adds freeze-dried strawberries and ½ teaspoon of green coffee bean extract before shaking it up to serve.

The small Starbucks drink costs $5.45, but Moro's homemade version uses $1.57 worth of ingredients. This definitely makes homemade a more affordable option, especially if you're looking to use these ingredients daily.

That got us thinking about our own Copycat Starbucks Pink Drink recipe. While our drink also has four ingredients, using unsweetened light coconut milk, fruit juice (we recommend passion fruit juice instead of cran-strawberry juice) and strawberries, our recipe is slightly different. We found that blending in frozen seedless passion fruit made the drink super tangy and creamy. We also held off on the green coffee bean extract so our decaffeinated dupe can be enjoyed any time of the day.

With its simple ingredients, it's no surprise that our version has way less sugar than Starbucks' drink. The Starbucks Pink Drink has 25 grams of sugar, whereas our copycat recipe only has 10 grams of sugar.

At the end of the viral video, Moro exclaims that the drink is "so easy" and the flavor in comparison is "really hard to tell the difference," so making this refresher at home may be your best choice. An occasional treat, whether homemade or bought at the chain, is perfectly OK, but our healthier option is a sweeter way to better align with your goals.

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