9 Healthy Finds Coming to Aldi This April

This April, folks can expect to find all kinds of goodies on Aldi's rotating aisle of finds.

It's a pretty good time to be an Aldi shopper—with so much inflation at the grocery store, shopping at a less expensive supermarket is the way to go. And as always, the chain is about to release a whole new set of limited-time Aldi finds as a new month begins.

This April, folks can expect to find all kinds of goodies on Aldi's rotating aisle of finds. There will be hot honey and herbaceous pesto for the folks who love adding a burst of flavor to any dish, plus refreshing drinks, delicious veggies and even dog treats. We've rounded up nine of the most exciting new Aldi finds that we can't wait to try, from housewares to stackable almonds. Read on for the healthy finds we're eager to try this April.

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1. Simply Nature Organic Pesto

You could make your own pesto at home pretty easily, but having a little jar on hand for pesto emergencies can be pretty convenient. Add a smear to your Caprese Sandwich for lunch or use it as seasoning or a marinade for your chicken cutlets. The sauce is also a fun addition to veggie soup, salad dressing or even a batch of chicken salad. Pick up a jar of pesto (or the sun-dried tomato pesto rosso) for $2.99 beginning April 12.

2. Simply Nature Fair Trade Organic Tea Blends

You could enjoy any one of these teas piping hot, but they'd also be great iced down or turned into a citrusy Arnold Palmer. The collection of tea blends includes mango-pineapple green tea, hibiscus-berry herbal tea and ginger peach black tea—all fresh, fruity teas that will add something snazzy to your afternoon sip. Folks who need to watch their caffeine intake can opt for the herbal tea, while folks looking for an energy boost will be glad to see that the green tea includes Yerba maté. Choose whichever blend sounds best to you and grab a box of 20 tea bags for $3.99 starting April 12.

3. Crofton Countertop Compost Bin

What's healthy for the planet is healthy for all of us—and that includes composting. Composting can help make you more conscious of food waste in the kitchen, and it gives you a way to save a little money on garden fertilizer by using nutrient-dense compost instead. If you're new to composting, you might want to check out our beginner's guide. And if you want a convenient bin in the kitchen to remind you of your composting duties, pick up this bin for $16.99 starting April 12. (You might also want to snag a few charcoal filters to keep your food waste pile as odorless as possible.)

4. Season's Choice Riced Cauliflower

When you get caught in a dinner rut, it can be nice to poke around the freezer and find something to help you shake up your routine. Cauliflower rice blends, like these two from Aldi's house brand, can help you keep vegetables on hand for whenever you need a quick and nutritious meal. The egg-fried version includes eggs, carrots, peas and onions with soy-ginger seasoning, while the Thai green curry-inspired option includes edamame, broccoli and sugar snap peas in a green curry sauce. Pair either one with your protein of choice—maybe some simple chicken thighs or some vegetarian-friendly chickpeas—and chow down. Snag a bag for $2.79 beginning April 19.

5. Southern Grove Spiced Almonds

We're probably not the first people to tell you that almonds are healthy, but it's still true! Almonds are jam-packed with fiber, so you know they'll be a filling snack that even help you stay regular. They're also good for your skin and can help you rack up many of the nutrients you need to eat each day. While eating plain roasted almonds is a healthy snack, you'll have a lot more fun if you opt for a spiced option. These Aldi almonds are available in gochujang or Moroccan-inspired flavors. The gochujang option promises something spicy and sweet, like the favorite Korean condiment, while the Moroccan-inspired option is more on the sweet-savory side. Try a bag for $5.69 beginning April 19.

6. liveGfree Gluten-Free English Muffins

Whether you prefer a plain muffin or the cinnamon-raisin variety, Aldi has you covered. You'll find these gluten-free English muffins on the freezer aisle. Each box contains four muffins that are perfect for toasting and dabbing with a little butter and jam. These English muffins will help you avoid gluten while helping you make easy and nutritious lunches like our Egg Salad English-Muffin Sandwich or English Muffin Pizza with Tomato & Olives. Pick up a box for $4.49 beginning April 19.

7. Heart to Tail Frozen Dog Treats

Be sure not to reach for these icy cups when you have a hankering for a cold dessert. These pup-exclusive treats come in two flavors—original and cheese-bacon—so your furry friends can enjoy a variety of cool-down treats. Each box contains four treats, each one a little 3.5-ounce tub that might even be more popular than pup cups from your local coffee chain. Grab a box for $2.79 starting April 21.

8. Emporium Selection Halloumi Grilling Cheese

Cheese lovers may already be familiar with halloumi, the hard-to-melt squeaky cheese that's right at home on the grill or a skillet. The Cypriot cheese pairs perfectly with freshly roasted or grilled veggies, and it makes a great centerpiece for a cheese plate to share with your pals. We love serving it simply, like in our Grilled Zucchini & Halloumi with Herbed Couscous or Grilled Halloumi Cheese with Blueberry-Balsamic Jam, or even as part of a taco night spread, like with these Grilled Halloumi & Summer Vegetable Tacos. No matter how you dish it up, you're in for a cheesy treat. Just remember that halloumi is typically processed with rennet, so it may not be vegetarian-friendly. Try a 7-ounce portion for $3.99 beginning April 21.

9. Berryhill Extra Hot Honey

Honey is a perfect way to drizzle a little natural sweetness into whatever you're cooking up in the kitchen. This spicy take on the pantry staple adds a special hot-sweet flavor to anything you can think of. Add it to a salad dressing, whip it into honey butter, drizzle it over your pizza or even add a tad to your grilled halloumi. As grilling season arrives, you could even pair this chili-infused honey with some grilled pineapple or on a quick main dish, like our Hot Honey Grilled Shrimp. Snag a bottle for $4.99 beginning April 21 to bring the fun to your spring menu.

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