The One Vegetable Jenna Bush Hager Eats Every Single Day

Plus the sheet-pan dinner she makes every week.

If you've ever wondered how Jenna Bush Hager keeps her energy up, here's the truth: The Today Show co-host and mom of three always starts her day with a scoop of Amazing Grass Greens Blend in her water bottle.

That's why she partnered with the company and its nationwide challenge called "Get Your Greens," which encourages more people to increase their servings of fruits and veggies.

"When Amazing Grass came to me and asked if we could partner together, I wanted to send a photo of my dressing room with the product sitting right there," she told EatingWell with her signature laugh. "I want to help moms like me realize this is such a great way to get all of these nutrients we need."

To keep up her hectic schedule, Bush Hager follows a specific daily routine, which includes waking up very early and avoiding the snooze button.

"That's hard especially by Thursday, when I've been up for four days in a row at the crack of dawn, but I literally get straight out of bed and meditate," she says. "I do active breathing every morning—I'm quite addicted to it in a good way."

Next, she'll look at her inbox and start her to-do lists.

"Then I do a little journaling and scoop my Amazing Grass in a big water bottle that I chug down," she says. "On one show this week, we ate brisket at 9 a.m., [then later in the episode] we ate hamburgers and French fries. I've noticed that if the first thing you put into your body is healthy, the rest of the day follows suit."

Bush Hager says she loves smoothies and salads and encourages her kids to eat healthfully, too, making such favorites as turkey tacos, salmon and chickpea pasta. She says she makes sheet-pan salmon, broccoli and sweet potatoes at least once a week. (We think she should give our recipe a try!)

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"We make broccoli almost every single night, which is funny because my grandpa hated it," she says. "We eat dinner together every single night and, if I'm worn out and can't cook, I'll make Amy's Organic Bean Burritos. I'm Texan! I'll pop these babies in the microwave and cut peppers and avocados and serve them on the side."

Working out in the NBC gym as soon as she arrives at work is another must-do, Bush Hager says.

"My new realization is that if I don't work out first thing in the morning, it's too hard to fit it in," she says. "After work I'm tired and I want to be with my kids."

Ultimately, eating well means "feeling good," Bush Hager says. This revelation was something that occurred to her recently during her self-proclaimed "post-kids" health kick.

"Like a lot of mothers, I used to feed my kids salmon with kale and they were eating so well and I was having a waffle with peanut butter on it as I walked out the door," she says. "I knew something had to change."

In the end, there is one food Bush Hager says she can't live without—except broccoli, of course: "I'm obsessed with all sorts of cheese," she says. "If there's a special occasion, I'm making a cheese board and I'll eat it all—except blue!"

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