This New Low-Carb Frozen Veggie Side Just Dropped at Trader Joe's—and We Want to Buy It ASAP

An easy veggie side? Here we come!

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In case you missed it, cabbage is having a moment. Everyone from Padma to Giada is crushing on the budget-conscious cold season vegetable. It's not just for slaw anymore!

When we can find the heads of greens in fine form (they should feel firm and heavy for their size and appear bright and crisp), we adore transforming fresh cabbage into Melting Cabbage, Cabbage Steaks and Crispy Fish Taco Bowls. And of course cozy stuffed cabbage, nutrient-dense cabbage soup and gut-friendly kraut and kimchi.

But it can be a bit daunting to make the most of a whole cabbage. These hearty heads of cruciferous veg can clock in between 1 and 8 pounds, which can be a lot to enjoy before it's past its prime. And, let's face it—we're all busy, so cooking from scratch (even when it's one of our favorite veggies of all time) isn't always realistic.

For these reasons, and since we're always on the hunt for ways to sneak more flavor, nutrition and variety into our menus, we were jazzed to see that Trader Joe's just added a new side dish to their freezer aisle: Stir-Fried Garlicky Cabbage. Not only does the frozen format allow you to keep this cabbage on hand for months to utilize in fast-fix meals, but the TJ's team also already has this side dish partially prepped. After snagging a bag for $3.49, all that's left to do is carve out 10 minutes and use your stovetop or microwave to help finish the semi-homemade side.

"Inspired by the Thai dish, Galam Plee Pad Nam Pla—a simple stir-fry of cabbage, a whole lot of garlic, and fish sauce—our version is deliciously similar," Trader Joe's explains on their website. "But instead of fish sauce, we season the cabbage with a vegan stir-fry sauce made with yeast extract and kombu. It imparts a similar umami boost that fish sauce usually brings to dishes, without the fish!"

It's ideal as a side dish or a base for any protein, and our on-staff dietitians are sold on the short ingredient list (just cabbage, garlic, stir-fry sauce and heart-healthy rice bran oil) and the balanced nutrition. Each 1-cup serving—half of the package—has 130 calories, 9 grams of fat, 3 grams of protein, 9 grams of carbs and an impressive 4 grams of fiber. The combo of fiber and protein means that even though this is low in carbs and nearly all veggies, it should help amp up the satisfaction factor of your meal. However, the side is high in sodium, with 620 milligrams per serving, so we recommend keeping the side on hand for once-in-a-while meals.

Speaking of which, once we're able to get our hands on a package or two of Trader Joe's Stir-Fried Garlicky Cabbage, we have our sights set on pairing it with Honey-Garlic Chicken Tenderloins, Roast Salmon with Kumquat-Pineapple Chutney, Soy-Lime Roasted Tofu and Garlic-Butter Steak Bites. All of the above recipes ask for 15 minutes or less of prep time, then it's time to dive in. And when we do, in addition to a tasty, well-balanced entree, we'll be treated to these 4 health benefits of cabbage. Now where can we sign a petition for TJ's to keep this in the freezer case all year long?

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