Millie Bobby Brown Shares Her Morning Routine—Plus How She Stays Hydrated All Day

Millie is keeping it real with her relatable and simple morning routine.

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Millie Bobby Brown has one of the most casual morning routines I've ever heard, and I'm kind of loving it.

In a video announcing her partnership with Essentia Water, the Stranger Things star dished on how she starts each day while answering fan-submitted questions. Want to know what Brown does each morning, including how she stays hydrated? Read on to find out.

The very first thing Brown does when she wakes up? She drinks plenty of water.

"That's actually [not] a lie, I actually do drink water when I first wake up," she says.

The rest of her routine is fairly typical: she gets out of bed and takes a look at herself in the mirror before putting her contact lenses in.

"I'll maybe put a little bit of mascara on, put my hair back, put my clothes on, brush my teeth of course, put some lip balm on and head out the door … usually still in my pajamas, I'm not even going to lie!" Brown admitted.

While her morning routine is as simple as it gets, Brown emphasized how important it is to stay hydrated all day, every day. Her passion for hydration comes from creating her skin care line, Florence by Mills.

"In developing my skin care line, I've discovered how hydration plays a key role in healthy, glowing skin," she said in the press release. "Learning how to take better care of my skin—especially after years of wearing heavy makeup on set—inspired me to help others my age to do the same." That's why she always keeps a water bottle in her bag, so that she can keep hydrated even on the busiest of workdays.

We love that Brown stays hydrated by drinking water first thing in the morning and having water by her side at all times. EatingWell dietitians confirm that having water on-hand can make it easier to meet your hydration needs, and reap the benefits like better brain health, a healthier heart and even more supple joints. With a hydrating routine and a healthy breakfast, you'll be sure to start your day off right.

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