The homemade version costs less than a dollar per serving!
iced matcha latte
Credit: Keiko Oikawa

There's a new TikTok creator on the rise, and he's teaching you how to make your favorite foods and drinks at home for less.

While he's posted videos in the series making potato chips and focaccia bread, Moro @morocooks just went viral after creating a copycat recipe for his favorite Starbucks drink: an Iced Matcha Latte with almond milk.

This recipe is not only easy to make, but it's also budget friendly, costing a fraction of the Starbucks price tag. Here's how you can make an iced matcha latte at home.

First, Moro sifts his matcha powder to avoid any clumping in the drink. To the sifted matcha, he adds ¼ cup of hot water and whisks it together. After adding 1 to 2 teaspoons of sugar (based on your flavor preference), Moro adds ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract to "mimic the Starbucks taste."

Once mixed together, Moro adds ice and almond milk to a glass—whatever milk you prefer will work great as well—and stirs in the matcha mixture to create the drink. That's it! 

The tall Starbucks Iced Matcha Latte with almond milk costs $6.04 in total, whereas the "slightly larger" homemade matcha latte uses $0.72 worth of ingredients, according to Moro. That makes the homemade version nearly 88% less expensive and a more budget-friendly option if you're a regular matcha latte drinker. 

Matcha offers some amazing health benefits like supporting heart health and reducing risk of cancer. Whether it's in a latte, a fruit smoothie or mixed in your overnight oats, matcha can be a tasty and nutritious ingredient to add to your eating pattern. 

We love Moro's take on the popular Starbucks menu item, and it's nearly identical to our own Iced Matcha Latte recipe. Instead of sugar, we sub in honey as an optional sweetener. If you're more of a hot latte person, try our Matcha Green Tea Latte.