Trader Joe’s Clubs are becoming a thing, and suddenly I want to be in high school again.
a Trader Joe's storefront
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On the latest episode of the Inside Trader Joe's podcast, hosts Matt Sloan and Tara Miller sat down with high school students that are members of their own high school's Trader Joe's Club. In the club, the students choose a Trader Joe's snack each week to try and talk about. We know: we're jealous, too.

The students were given a true taste test as they tried exclusive Trader Joe's products that are not yet released. While there are no set dates on when these items will be available at your location, enjoy a sneak peek and see what high schoolers Kian, Maddie, Katherine, Talia, Ana, Jess, Betsy and Liv have to say about these six products that are hitting TJ's very soon.

1. Peanut Brittle

You can expect this sweet and salty treat to hit shelves in the near future. Trader Joe's Peanut Brittle is crunchy, nutty and introduces a classic taste to a younger generation.

"At first, I was like, 'This is OK.' I didn't love it. But then the aftertaste of peanut butter hit and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is so amazing,'" high schooler Katherine said while taste-testing the product.

2. Australian Licorice

"Actually licorice is a big deal in Australia, and these are filled with what they call a sherbet fizz," Trader Joe's podcast host Matt said to the taste testers. "This is a type of product that actually sells in Australia. It's quite popular. These colors are from plant-derived sources."

The licorice will come in two flavors: raspberry and green apple. And while the filled licorice hasn't been released yet in the States, there's already a fan-favorite flavor.

"The raspberry [flavor] is so good. Both were good, but the raspberry was really, really good," Betsy said.

3. Banana Mousse Cakes

Is your mouth watering? The dessert has an outer layer shaped like a banana and has banana mousse cake on the inside. It's described as the perfect after-dinner treat—expect to run back to TJ's every time you run out of these delicious cakes.

"This is probably one of my favorite things we've tried so far," Liv raved. "It's very light, very airy. All the textures just go well, very well together."

4. Brookie Clusters

Here's the newest bagged snack in the works. Its name is a work in progress, because the "Brookie Clusters" didn't taste like brookies at all, according to the fans.

"I would eat like a whole bag of these in one sitting, but I think 'brookie' is misleading," Maddie said. "Like this is not a Brookie Cluster because you're getting caramel, you're getting a crunch, but there's no brownie."

"I think this would be a snack featured at the Trader Joe's Club for sure," Katherine said about the brownie-cookie combo snacks.

5. Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips

These chips might ring a bell, and that's because they were discontinued a few years back. But the Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips are coming back on the shelves very soon, so you can enjoy these sweet and crispy chips in no time.

"I mean, when you hear the name Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips, you're like … come on. Like, grow up here. You don't need to put cinnamon sugar on pita chips," Liv exclaimed. "They are the most delicious things I've ever put in my mouth in the entire world."

6. Shrimp Pops

While the other five products are sweet and snacky, the soon-to-be Trader Joe's Shrimp Pops are a Vietnamese-inspired appetizer dish on a stick, where the stick is "actually a piece of sugar cane," according to host Matt. 

The taste testers described the app as a shrimp dumpling-esque spring roll in a triangle form. We think this simple dish would be a tasty addition beside any dinner main.