Stop using the storage compartment on your Bindle Bottle.
a collage of two Bindle bottles that are part of the recall
Credit: Courtesy of Brand

Bindle, best known for their "sip and stash" water bottles, issued a voluntary recall on all of their bottle products. This recall followed a Consumer Reports test showcasing the alarming amount of lead in the products.

The Bindle water bottles' "sealing dot" found in the storage compartment of the bottles was claimed to be food-safe by the company for years. But once tested by Consumer Reports, the seal contained over 1,000 times the amount of lead that's permitted in many consumer products. This type of exposure may increase risk of lead poisoning if unpackaged food is stored in the dry storage compartment of the bottle.

The recent recall affects all Bindle Bottle sizes and colors, including bottles in the Puppy Packs. While the recall states that you can still use the drinking portion of the bottle, as the stainless-steel interior is not affected, the storage compartment on the bottle should not be used. 

However, Bindle is offering a free repair kit for those with impacted products that you can register for here to be shipped to you "as soon as it is available." According to the company, once you install the repair kit to the storage portion of the bottle, you may use it again.

Lead is highly toxic and consuming the heavy metal can affect people of all ages and health statuses. It can be especially dangerous for infants, children and those who are pregnant. If you believe you may have experienced chronic lead exposure in regard to this recall, contact your health care provider immediately.