Get your cart quarter—it's time to go shopping.

March is already a good time to be a home cook—there's no shortage of vibrant, fresh spring produce coming into season, and the warmer weather means you can start shaking up your typical weekly menu. But honestly, a new slate of Aldi finds makes any month better than it would be otherwise. The budget-friendly grocery chain is bringing out a new slate of grocery items you won't want to miss as we welcome in the spring months.

If you're in the market for a quick snack, a weeknight grab-and-go dinner or a fun new kitchen appliance, this month's Aldi lineup is for you. We picked out six of the most exciting additions to the store catalog for your perusal—so grab your grocery list and get ready to stock up.

a collage of Aldi March finds
Credit: Courtesy of Brand

1. Emporium Selection St. Patrick's Day Cheese

You might not be in the mood for green beer this St. Patrick's Day, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate with some themed treats. Aldi is bringing back three cheeses that will look festive on any appetizer board (or even be delicious when grated into a grilled cheese). If you're in the market for a green cheese, go for the pesto gouda, studded with basil and garlic, or opt for the sage derby, which has a marbled look that comes from all the fresh sage swirled into the cheese. If color isn't a top priority, go for the Irish porter cheddar, which would probably pair well with the Maguire's Irish-Style Red Ale that Aldi will be stocking come March 1. Snag any one of these cheeses beginning March 1 for $3.99, and keep an eye out for the other Irish cheddar options also arriving that day.

2. Mama Cozzi's Cauliflower Crust Deli Pizza

Whether you're gluten-free or just trying to squeeze in a few more servings of veggies during the week, this simple take-and-bake pie is worth your time. Mama Cozzi's pizzas are hugely popular with Aldi shoppers—it's in the store's product Hall of Fame after topping the customer-voted best of the year list more than once. This pizza starts with a thin and crispy cauliflower crust and is topped with red sauce, cheese, pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions and olives, making it a great option for folks who love a jam-packed supreme pizza. Each pizza serves four, so it's a good option for a weeknight meal that can serve the whole family. Try one for $7.99 beginning March 8 and pair it with a simple Caesar salad for a quick dinner that won't add any stress to a busy day.

3. Emporium Selection Easter Cheese Assortment

If you prefer dyed eggs to dyed beer, the second batch of holiday cheeses dropping at Aldi this month might for you. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, these cheeses would be a fun addition to your spring cheese plate. The lineup includes aged English cheddar, Wensleydale with lemon and honey and a Wensleydale with raspberry and white chocolate. We can't help but think that the two Wensleydale cheeses would be a lot of fun on a dessert fruit and cheese board, too—just add apple slices, fresh raspberries, some grapes and a fun cookie, like a classic shortbread. Try these holiday cheese selections for $3.99 beginning March 15.

4. Ambiano Sparkling Water & Soda Maker

As warm weather slowly makes its way back onto our radars, we're already thinking about all the cool drinks we'll be sipping on during the spring and summer—hello, frozen lemonade. If you're someone who prefers to kick back with an icy soda on a hot day, you might want to try out Aldi's Ambiano soda maker, a cheaper alternative to the SodaStream. When you opt to make your own soda, you can control the amount of sweetness and flavor in every serving, so you can enjoy your bubbly beverage and dial back the amount of sugar you're consuming. This might also be a good option for the folks who find themselves buying seltzer at the grocery store each week. Whether you take yours with a spritz of lime juice or prefer to use it in a cocktail, making your own seltzer at home could help you cut back on the plastic you consume when buying it at the store. Pick up a machine—available in black, periwinkle or white—for $44.99 starting March 15.

5. Fremont Fish Market Swai Fillets

Many of us could probably do with more servings of fish in our routines. Fish fillets can be a great way to eat protein while also getting in some healthy fat—that's why it's such a big part of healthy eating patterns like the Mediterranean diet. These frozen fillets are perfect for any routine because they can be cooked and seasoned in whatever way you prefer. Dust them with cajun seasoning for a blackened fish taco dinner or bake them with your favorite spices to enjoy with veggies and a whole grain on the side. If you're unfamiliar with swai, think of it as a kind of catfish imported from Asia. These fillets have a Best Aquaculture Practices certification and are without preservatives. Snag a 2-pound bag for $8.99 beginning March 29.

6. Hummus Crisps

Yep—hummus really can do it all. These chickpea-based chips would be a lot of fun as an on-the-go snack for hummus lovers who don't really want to carry around a little tub of Sabra wherever they go. Whether you're packing a field trip lunch or just planning to eat a quick meal between meetings at work, tossing in a serving of these gluten-free chips could be a fun way to bring extra flavor to your lunch. The crisps are available in two flavors: feta, garlic and herb or sweet chili. Pair them with a light sandwich, like maybe our Cucumber Sandwich, for a lunch that's bursting with flavor and crisp, fresh texture. Pick up a bag of crisps for $2.19 starting March 29.