Girl Scout Cookies Ranked Lowest to Highest Added Sugar—Plus Vegan & Gluten-Free Options

From Trefoils to Thin Mints.

Girl Scout cookie season is upon us, which means it's time to hustle out to your local troop's cookie table and stock up on those once-a-year treats. There's a Girl Scout cookie for every palate, whether you love a clean minty taste, juicy lemon flavor or creamy peanut butter—so you might even want to snag an extra box for a friend.

For folks who need to be careful of their blood sugar, finding the right cookie for you might be a case of taste *and* added sugar content. We ranked your Girl Scout cookie choices from least to most added sugar content, so you can make the best decision for you. Read on for more information on the classic cookies you know and love, from Trefoils to Thin Mints.

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Trefoils (6 grams added sugars)

Trefoils might just be the most classic cookie on the Girl Scouts' slate of offerings. Troops started stamping out sugar cookies in the shape of a trefoil in the 1930s, and these buttery shortbread treats are still kicking. With seven servings in each container, these cookies are the lowest added sugar option on the roster.

Lemon-Ups (7 grams added sugar)

Add a little brightness to your day with one of these citrusy-sweet cookies. By the way, that brightness doesn't just come from the flavor—each cookie is stamped with a positive message, so you'll get a little uplifting wisdom in each bite, too.

Tagalongs (7 grams added sugar)

Peanut butter cup lovers will want to snag a box of Tagalongs, the crisp cookies that are layers with peanut butter and dipped in chocolate. They might also be called Peanut Butter Patties in your market.

Toffee-Tastics (7 grams added sugar)

Gluten-free folks will want to try out these buttery cookies studded with salty-sweet toffee pieces. Pair them up with a hot cup of coffee or a cool glass of milk for the perfect after dinner treat—or give a box to your favorite gluten-free pal.

Adventurefuls (9 grams added sugar)

Adventurefuls are probably the most decadent cookies offered on the Girl Scout cookie menu. The brownie-esque cookies have a thumbprint in the middle filled with creamy sea salt caramel and topped with a chocolaty drizzle.

Thin Mints (9 grams added sugar)

Whether you prefer your Thin Mints at room temperature or frozen, these refreshingly minty crisps are ready to bring some zest to your day. Bonus: Thin Mints are made with *all-vegan* ingredients, so you can enjoy them with plant-based pals (or keep them for yourself).

Do-Si-Dos (10 grams added sugar)

The peanut butter filling in these oatmeal sandwich cookies gives these cookies a little bump in protein content—Do-Si-Dos and Tagalongs have the most protein content of any Girl Scout cookies, with 3 grams per serving. If you don't notice them as an option from your local troop, you might find them labeled Peanut Butter Sandwiches.

Samoas (10 grams added sugar)

These cookies—also called Caramel deLites in some markets—are old favorites for a reason. Each cookie is coated with caramelly coconut and a chocolate drizzle for a crisp-sweet experience. Folks who are eating a heart-healthy diet might want opt for a different cookie—this option has the most saturated fat of any, with 6 grams per serving.

Girl Scout S'mores (10 grams added sugar)

What could be more Girl Scout-appropriate than a fireside s'more? These crunchy graham sandwich crackers are stuffed with a chocolatey marshmallow filling for a cookie that will have you ready to take on the great outdoors.

Raspberry Rally (11 grams added sugar)

These fruity treats are the newest addition to the Girl Scout cookie lineup. Like the classic Thin Mint, this cookie is a slim, crisp wafer coated in chocolate—but the wafer is infused with raspberry flavor instead of mint. The highest added sugar cookie of the bunch, this one is new on the scene this season. It's meant to help scouts learn e-commerce skills, so these cookies will be available for purchase online starting February 27.

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