The 20 Best Sale Items at Costco in January

Get 'em while they're hot!

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Costco's newest crop of warehouse deals is available, and there are some excellent sale items to snap up. And it's like they had New Year's resolutions in mind when they made them. There are deals that speak to those looking to reduce added sugar and alcohol, increase their omega-3 intake and meatless meals, plus snacks to pack for work and school. Let's get started!

1. Full Thread Greek Saffron

$20 off online only

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, selling for $6 a gram or more. While this jar may seem pricy at $59.99, it is filled with 14 grams of the precious orange-red threads. Get out the paella pan!

2. Manuka Honey

$20 off online only

Manuka honey is a type of honey native to New Zealand that boasts antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. If you've wanted to try it but have been put off by the price tag, here's your chance to snag a jar for a deal.

3. Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

$3.50 off in warehouses and online

My husband avoided gluten for several years, and during that time we tried just about every gluten-free cracker available. These were our favorite—so much so that we still buy them now that he's back enjoying gluten.

4. MadeGood Organic Granola Minis

$4 off in warehouses only

If you struggle to find allergen-free snacks to send to day care or school, you need to know about MadeGood. All of their products are free of the top eight allergens, plus they're gluten-free and organic, if either are benefits you seek out. This box includes 12 single-serving pouches each of chocolate chip and mixed berry flavors.

5. Late July Multigrain Tortilla Chips

$2.90 off in warehouses only

In addition to whole ground corn, these tortilla chips get extra flavor from other whole grains including chia, millet, flax, quinoa and brown rice. Whole grains are fiber-rich foods that support your digestive health and help you feel more satisfied. Don't forget to snag some salsa to dip into.

6. Wonderful Salt & Pepper Pistachios

$4 off in warehouses and online

Did you know that pistachios are one of the healthiest nuts to snack on? Plenty of black pepper makes this pick even more delicious.

7. Bare Organic Apple Chips

$3.50 off in warehouses only

These are a hit with both my husband and daughter, and I can feel good about them noshing on them since they have only a single ingredient: apples! I was surprised how long they stayed crunchy when I resealed the opened bag tightly.

8. Season Skinless & Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil

$3.30 off in warehouses and online

If you aim to get more omega-3s in your diet in 2023, consider adding sardines to your weekly menu. These small sustainable fish are one of the best sources of omega-3s out there and having shelf-stable tins of them around means you can eat them anytime. My husband flakes them over his lunchtime salads (and our dogs love the olive oil drizzled over their kibble!).

9. Peet's Organic French Roast Ground Coffee

$5 off in warehouses only

If you've avoided other bags of coffee at Costco because they're not ground and you don't want to forget grinding the beans on your way out, here's a deal to snag.

10. Harvest Snaps Baked Green Pea Snacks

$2.90 off in warehouses only

This crunchy snack is made from ground peas and was a surprising hit with both my husband and daughter. Each serving packs a respectable 5 grams each of filling protein and fiber.

11. Kodiak Power Cakes Pancake & Waffle Mix

$3.80 off in warehouses only

If anyone in your home requests pancakes on the regular, consider keeping a box of pancake mix on hand. Not only is this choice made with 100% whole grains, each serving is also packed with at least 14 grams of protein for more satisfaction.

12. Annie's Organic Mac & Cheese

$5 off in warehouses only

I feel like mac and cheese has such a strong association with children, but even before we became parents, we always had it on hand. If it's just my husband and me eating it, we typically add some chopped broccoli or leafy greens like kale to it. When I serve it up at a playdate that falls over lunchtime, I ask each kid to choose a fruit and vegetable to add to their plate.

13. Humm Mango Passionfruit Kombucha

$4.30 off in warehouses only

If you're doing Dry or Damp January, kombucha may scratch a similar itch to having an adult beverage. (My husband has been choosing 'booch over beer for a while now.) This combo of mango and passionfruit is very tasty.

14. Chobani Less Sugar Greek Yogurt

$4.50 off in warehouses & online

If you're trying to reduce your added sugar intake but prefer a fruit-flavored yogurt, this variety pack is for you. You'll get cups of Monterrey Strawberry, Madagascar Vanilla & Cinnamon, Willamette Raspberry and Wild Blueberry—each with only 5 grams of added sugar.

15. Impossible Plant-Based Burger Patties

$5 off in warehouses & online

Trying to cut back on your red meat consumption but really, really love a burger? Grab a package of these to keep in your freezer. You could even break them up to mimic ground beef for taco night.

16. Good Foods Chunky Guacamole

$4 off in warehouses only

I'm not a super huge fan of premade guacamole (my kid is such a snob, she won't even eat it), but let's be real—if you're serving a crowd, this can be the way to go. I often pick this up for summer camping trips.

17. Pulmuone Teriyaki Stir-Fry Udon

$2.60 off in warehouses only

I'm not going to lie—this teriyaki udon noodle kit has caught my eye but I haven't bought it yet. Now that it's on sale, I'll give it a try. There are four servings each of noodles, veggies and sauce, which sounds like a great option for WFH lunch and, if I'm being totally honest, my daughter will probably make a serving for breakfast.

18. Ziploc Freezer Bags

$3.80 off in warehouses & online

While I do opt for reusable containers like Stasher bags and Snapware when I can, I can't quite quit sealable plastic bags. (But I have cut down on my use of them.) I always have these on hand for camping, sending home leftovers with friends, dropping cookies off at the neighbors and such. If you need to stock up, both the quart and gallon sizes are on sale.

19. Scotch-Brite Sponges

$3.80 off in warehouses & online

Did you know that experts suggest replacing your sponge every week? Most of us don't—but we all could benefit from replacing them more often. If you have a multipack of these around, you'll be more likely to do so. They come in heavy duty and no-scratch—the latter is a go-to in our test kitchen and my own home.

20. Supplements

Per usual, there are lots of supplements on sale this month, including fish oil and vitamin D3 under the Kirkland Signature brand for $3 off, vitamin D3 from Nature Made for $3.50 off and salmon oil from Pure Alaska Omega for $4 off. All of these are USP certified, which means they've been third-party tested so you can be more confident that what it says on the label is actually in the bottle, since most supplements aren't regulated.

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