This Brand Has the Best Everything Bagel Seasoning—and No, It's Not Trader Joe's

From its price to its additional ingredients, Trader Joe’s version proves that popularity doesn’t mean quality. Here’s my take on the best everything bagel seasoning you can buy.

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Growing up in New Jersey, I would like to consider myself a bagel connoisseur—and a cream cheese connoisseur, by association—and a toasty everything bagel is my go-to breakfast choice on the weekends. It's likely that my palate has been exposed to the flavors of an everything bagel over a thousand times, whether that be on an actual bagel or because I sprinkle everything bagel seasoning on almost everything I eat.

Everything bagel seasoning is becoming a pantry staple for many, and rightfully so. From crispy chickpeas and pumpkin seeds to Brussels sprouts and chicken tenders, the versatility of the seasoning is unmatched. Enjoyed during breakfast, lunch and dinner in my household, I leave everything bagel seasoning out alongside the salt and pepper.

But my container of everything bagel seasoning doesn't have a white label with black lettering, and it isn't called "Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend." Yes, you heard me correctly: I don't buy the famous Trader Joe's seasoning, and I don't even believe the brand sells the best everything bagel seasoning on the market.

I would like to thank Trader Joe's for doing one thing: exposing me to the joy that is this seasoning. Trader Joe's brand was the first everything bagel seasoning I ever tasted away from an actual bagel, and at the time, it sold me. But since then, I've explored other options and found one that I feel deserves more credit.

Who has the best seasoning, then? In my opinion, Einstein Bros. Bagels' Everything Bagel Seasoning Blend is the best everything bagel seasoning you can purchase at your local grocery store. Here's why.

For starters, the difference in ingredients between the two brands is minimal but still significant (to me). Einstein Bros. Bagels' seasoning includes the standard ingredients you would expect on an everything bagel: sesame, dried onion, dried garlic, salt and poppy seeds at a perfected ratio. Trader Joe's has all of these ingredients, but their seasoning also includes black sesame seeds.

Again, I have eaten a lot of bagels in my life, but I have never seen black sesame seeds on an everything bagel. I just don't find that additional ingredient to be authentic to the everything bagel flavor. Plus, the bitterness and strength of the black sesame seeds in the Trader Joe's seasoning nearly takes over the other key flavors in the shaker.

The price difference between the two is also substantial. Listed on Amazon, the price of a 5-ounce container of the Einstein Bros. Bagels' Everything Bagel Seasoning Blend is $4.12, whereas a 2.3-ounce container of the Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend is $6.18. The difference between $0.82 an ounce versus $2.69 an ounce is notable, meaning Einstein Bros. Bagels' seasoning is the more budget-friendly option.

Einstein Bros. Bagels' everything bagel seasoning also has less sodium than Trader Joe's. While 10 milligrams per serving isn't a huge difference, if you're someone like me that loves to pile it on, it can add up over time.

I could go on and on about all of the reasons to switch to Einstein Bros. Bagels' Everything Bagel Seasoning Blend. In summary, if you want an everything bagel seasoning that has quality flavor and will give you more bang for your buck, run to the store and thank me later.

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