9 Healthy Aldi Finds Coming to Stores in December

Get your cart quarter—it’s time to scope out some deals.

a collage of Aldi's incoming products including the Christmas pasta, Lesser Evil's Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn, and Pistachios
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The dawn of a new month means plenty of fun Aldi finds to behold, and this December is no exception. Just in time for the holiday rush, Aldi is hauling out savory snacks, bottles of bubbles and even some items you could use as a quick host or hostess gift.

For the person hosting a big holiday shindig, there's charcuterie accoutrement that will take the stress out of buying tons of little snacks for appetizers (and maybe even help you stay within your budget, too). And if you tend to get bogged down by the holiday food and long to-do lists that show up in December, there are light and healthy snacks *and* some simple frozen dinners that can help you take a load off.

No matter what you scoop up at your local Aldi this season, just remember to treat the Aldi employees you meet with extra patience and cheer—the holidays can be a pretty stressful season.

1. Reggano Christmas Pasta

Get into the spirit of the season with this adorable pasta featuring Santa, reindeer and sleigh shapes. You could use this pasta as a substitute for short pasta in your favorite quick dinner—like this Creamy One-Pot Orecchiette with Sausage & Peas—or use it to put a Christmas twist on something like our Alphabet Soup. Pick up a 17-ounce bag for $2.69 starting December 7.

2. Specially Selected Truffle Oil

Paired with a fancy bottle of vinegar or a pretty tea towel, you could even use this Aldi find as a go-to host gift for the holiday party circuit. The Italian-imported infused olive oil comes in a pretty 8-ounce bottle and would be perfect for zhuzhing up cozy winter meals, whether you're making a big batch of pasta or a creamy and decadent risotto. Plus, olive oil is a healthy fat that can help tamp down inflammation and keep your heart in tip-top shape. Snag a bottle for $9.95 beginning December 7.

3. Vve. Monsigny Champagne Brut

Add some celebratory flair to your holiday events with a few bottles of this bubbly, priced affordably at $24.99. Starting December 7, you'll be able to find this wine on shelves, which means it will be in stores just in time for holiday parties. Serve it up in flutes or use it in cocktails, whether it's a classic French 75, our Elderflower Champagne Cocktail or Apple Pie Mimosa.

4. Southern Grove Extra Large Roasted & Salted Pistachios

We love a handful of pistachios for a quick snack—sometimes we even spice them up ourselves. These sea salt roasted nuts are ready to snack on at a moment's notice, though you could also add them to you holiday charcuterie board or use them in a pretty salad, like our Red Quinoa Salad with Golden Beets & Pistachios or Blood Oranges with Rose Water & Pistachios. Plus, pistachios even have some impressive health benefits you don't want to miss out on, like helping to control your cholesterol and blood sugar. Try a bag for $9.99 beginning December 7.

5. Fresh Stuffed Atlantic Salmon

This classic find is coming back to stores on December 7. Each pack of stuffed salmon includes two large portions that feed two people each—that's four servings for $9.99. Snag a pack and season it with your favorite spices, like plenty of black pepper or chili powder, then bake and serve. With a delicious side like our Crispy Smashed Brussels Sprouts on the menu, you'll have a deliciously simple weeknight meal on your hands.

6. Specially Selected Charcuterie Board Kit

If you love the look of a charcuterie board but find the curation process a little intimidating, Aldi has just the starter kit for you. In time for the season of entertaining, Aldi is stocking shelves with this simple charcuterie kit that includes apricots, dates, almonds, cashews, pecans and dark chocolate almonds. With all the fixings taken care of, you just need to add some cheeses, like a goat cheese and manchego, and maybe a meat or two, like a spicy chorizo and some salty prosciutto. Each kit costs just $12.99 and will be available starting December 14.

7. Specially Selected Tall Salt Grinders

Here's another Aldi find you could pair with a tea towel and use as a simple gift. The retailer is launching three pretty sea salt grinders that would be fun to keep in your kitchen or pass on to a friend. Thyme-lemon salt, smoked chili salt and violet sea salt are all options, so there's something that will appeal to every palate. Try adding the thyme-lemon to a fresh salad or grinding some of the smoked chili salt into scrambled eggs. Pick up a grinder for $4.49 starting December 21.

8. Whole & Simple Chicken Bowls

When the holiday dinner leftovers run out, you'll have to find a different go-to work lunch. These frozen bowls are packed with flavor and protein, so you know they'll keep you satisfied until it's time to clock out and head home. Each bowl contains 17 grams of protein from the juicy chicken, and you can choose from teriyaki-sriracha, which is full of noodles and veggies, or the roasted hatch green chile, which includes peppers, corn, beans, cheese and rice. Try a bowl for $3.49 beginning December 28.

9. LesserEvil Himalayan Pink Organic Popcorn

It's no secret that we at EatingWell love popcorn. Our dietitians say it's the No. 1 snack for weight loss—after all, it's a filling whole grain that you can whip up in a pinch or keep on hand. This minimally processed popcorn option is a win for fans of whole foods, and you can pick up a bag for just $2.98. Try one starting December 28 and keep it on hand for whenever hunger strikes.

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