It's time to play Santa!
a couple Trader Joe's items that would make perfect stocking stuffers including the Belgian Cookie Trio and Gingerbread Coffee
Credit: Courtesy of Brand

When the holiday season hits, everything starts to pick up speed. In between hosting friends for Thanksgiving and cleaning up the house for a New Year's Eve get-together, it's tough to remember that you *also* need to find the perfect holiday gift for an old friend or snag stocking stuffers for all those socks hanging over the fire.

The good news is that we can help you out on the stocking-stuffer front. Trader Joe's has tons of options when it comes to finding little treats that are perfect for a holiday surprise. The best part is that you can pick them up while you're doing your regular grocery shopping, which means more time to kick back and actually enjoy the festive season. We've rounded up 12 of the most fun and tasty items you can add to a pal's stocking this December—and at less than $10 a piece, they can help you respect your budget, too.

1. Belgian Cookie Trio

This box of chocolatey-buttery goodness has already made an appearance in the Thanksgiving Fearless Flyer, so you'll want to make sure you get your hands on some before they're gone. Each box contains a mix of three cookies: almond thins half-coated in milk chocolate, a waffle cookie dipped in dark chocolate, and a butter cookie dunked in dark chocolate. Each 10-ounce box costs just $5.99.

2. Gingerbread Coffee

Keep the Christmas flavors going into January with a canister of this medium-dark roast that gets a special boost of flavor from ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. A friend who loves their morning cup of joe will appreciate having something special in the percolator to wake up to. Pick up a tub of this ground coffee for $8.99.

3. Peanut Butter Caramel Coated Popcorn

Sweet, savory and definitely crunchy—this snackable popcorn is a perfect gift for your favorite sweet-toothed friend. The peanut butter coating brings a little saltiness to the experience to help balance the caramel, which means each bite is rich with layers of flavor. If you're shopping for someone who loves peanut butter cups or Take 5 bars, branch out and snag a bag of their new favorite treat. Each bag costs $3.79.

4. Peppermint Pretzel Slims

Dole out the holiday cheer with a fun peppermint sweet like these coated pretzel thins. Each bite is dipped in a white chocolate-like candy coating and sprinkled with crushed candy canes for a treat that looks and tastes like a Christmas miracle. Pick up a bag for $2.99.

5. Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Pretzel Nuggets

Here's another great choice for someone with a hankering for sweet and savory. There's also a nice mix of textures in this bag—creamy almond butter, crunchy pretzels and silky dark chocolate make each little bite more alluring than the last. Pick up a bag for $3.49.

6. Gummy Bear-Flavored Lip Duo

Yep, there are even a few non-food items you can pick up from TJ's during the holiday season. This little gift box includes a sweet tube of lip butter and a small tub of overnight lip mask, both must-haves for a dry-lip-inducing cold winter. Each little box set costs just $6.99 and is only available for a limited time—so be sure to snag one before they're gone.

7. Candy Cane Green Tea

As a tea fanatic, I can attest that this minty green brew brings something exciting and delicious to a holiday drink lineup. If your friend isn't much for overly sweet treats or a cup of coffee, these tea bags are a tasty alternative. The best part is that these tea bags are decaffeinated, so your giftee can enjoy them morning, noon and night. Pick up a box for $2.79.

8. Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa

There's no stocking stuffer more classic than cocoa, and this mix is definitely a winner. Each 10-ounce canister can quickly turn out steamy mugs of sweet comfort when combined with hot milk or water—just add some mini marshmallows to the stocking to complete the essentials. This cocoa mix is an especially good gift for someone who already loves TJ's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, which inspired this cozy drink. Grab a tin for $5.49 while they last.

9. Candy Cane Chocolate Covered Almonds

Move out of the way, plain ol' Jordan almonds. If you or the folks you're shopping for already love TJ's classic chocolate-covered almonds, you'll want to try this option that adds an extra minty gloss to the experience. Pick up a package for $3.99.

10. Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask

This super-moisturizing hair mask got a shoutout in last year's Customer Choice Awards, so you know it's got some rave reviews to back it up. This paraben-free mask also includes some argan oil and vitamin E to keep your hair nice and soft without any residue. Whoever ends up with this tube in their stocking will love how easy it is to apply this mask in the shower, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse it out. It's a luxe treatment that anyone can add to their routine in no time. Snag one for $3.99 the next time you hit the store.

11. Mini Peppermint Meringues

Peppermint lovers will want to float away on these fluffy, minty pillows. With a crisp exterior and chewy interior, these classic meringues add a little holiday cheer to the usual meringues you'll find on TJ's shelves. Each meringue is naturally colored with red cabbage and purple carrot extract, so these melt-in-your-mouth treats are perfect for a pal who prefers to avoid artificial food coloring. Pick up a pack for $2.99.

12. Hot Cocoa Polar Bear

Hot chocolate lovers will be charmed by this adorable bear made out of chocolate. The bear is full of "milk chocolate drops" and marshmallows, so your giftee can drop it into a hot mug of milk, stir everything together and enjoy a cozy mug of hot chocolate. Pick up one of these bear-shaped cocoa bombs for $1.99 before they go flying off the shelf.