Lidl is bringing the prices down for their shoppers this holiday season.
a collage of Lidl items that include the Shady Brook turkey and Pecan Pie
Credit: Courtesy of Brand

You've probably noticed your grocery bill going up over the past few months, and shopping for your Thanksgiving meal will be no different. To help shoppers stay mindful of their budgets, Lidl grocery stores are offering a great new deal where shoppers can buy a Thanksgiving meal for 10 people at $30 or less. 

The grocery chain is calling this deal their "Thanksgiving basket" which includes all of the ingredients customers may need for a complete Thanksgiving dinner. The prices of the ingredients in the Thanksgiving basket are based on a national study by the American Farm Bureau Federation. 

The AFBF found in their survey that the average cost of a Thanksgiving shopping basket is about $53. Among the rise of inflation and personal spending that accompanies the holiday season, Lidl decided to give shoppers a more affordable option. 

The Thanksgiving basket includes all the essentials shoppers should need to make a classic Thanksgiving spread that is estimated to feed 10 people. Included in the basket is:

  • Frozen turkey - 13 pounds
  • Pumpkin pie mix - 30 ounces
  • Pie crusts - 2 
  • Whole milk - 1 gallon 
  • Celery - 1 bunch
  • Baby carrots - 16 ounces 
  • Sweet peas - 16 ounces 
  • Fresh cranberries - 12 ounces 
  • Sweet potatoes - 3-pound bag 
  • Heavy whipping cream - 1 pint 
  • Turkey stuffing mix - 3 18-ounce boxes
  • Hawaiian sweet rolls - 12-count package

Shoppers will be especially thankful for the deal Lidl is offering on turkeys. The 13-pound frozen turkeys included in the Thanksgiving basket are $0.49 per pound, while the national average is $1.99 per pound. 

If you are hosting a larger crowd or the Thanksgiving basket deal doesn't include some of your favorite ingredients, the deal is still a great and affordable way to get Thanksgiving staples. 

The Thanksgiving basket deal began on November 2 and is available as long as supplies last. To take advantage of the deal, shoppers must register for the free Lidl rewards program, myLidl