Rachael Ray Celebrated the 15th Anniversary of Her Favorite Pot of All Time—Here's Where to Get Your Own

The food celeb shared her favorite pots and pans on Instagram, and we are obsessed.  

Rachael Ray
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If you're a home cook, you're probably familiar with the frustration of having to snap your pasta in half to fit in the pot or squeeze a roasted chicken into a pan that just isn't having it. Sometimes the traditional circular shape of cookware isn't a match for your favorite recipes. That's why Rachael Ray developed her oval pots and pans 15 years ago, and they've been fan favorites ever since.

In an Instagram post, Ray celebrated the oval pots and pans that were part of her first cookware collection. Nowadays, we know Ray to be a regular connoisseur of all things kitchen-related. And these pans prove that even back then she had the answers to common cooking head-scratchers.

The oval-shaped pots and pans are best for things that may not naturally fit in a circular pan (think: spaghetti or lasagna noodles). Instead of breaking them or wiggling them around your rolling boil, the longer shapes of the pots and pans allow you to easily drop them in without headache.

"Long pasta, long pot!" exclaimed Ray in her Instagram reel.

Ray recommends using the 5-quart pan for roasting chicken or steak, as the shape is more likely to give them an even cook. It's also great for stews, soups and everyday sautéing, thanks to its higher sidewalls.

The 8-quart pot is best for long pastas, ears of corn (it can fit 12 whole ears, according to Ray), boiling seafood or making large recipes for big groups. It even has a convenient pouring spout so dumping hot water is safer and simpler.

The pair is intended to be a set, as their narrow design is a dream come true for those with smaller cooking ranges. You can comfortably put the 8-quart and 5-quart cookware next to each other on a cooktop without them bumping into each other or cluttering your stove.

But, these Rachael-Ray-approved pots don't stop there. They are nonstick, dishwasher safe and can withstand oven temperatures up to 500°F.

These versatile pots and pans are sold on the Rachael Ray website, where they receive rave reviews. The 8-Quart Oval Covered Pasta Pot with Pour Spout is $99.99 and features a nonstick surface and rubberized handles for kitchen safety. The 5-Quart Covered Oval Sauté with a Helper Handle is $79.99 and the 8-Quart Covered Stockpot is $79.99.

Rachael Ray herself says that these are some of her favorite cookware items she's ever designed. We think their versatility is great for people cooking for big groups, those with smaller kitchen space and the rest of us who just love convenience!

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