Get them while you can! These seasonal and limited-edition products are on shelves now, and the collection includes restocked hits plus brand-new launches.
Lidl Fall 2022 Products
Credit: Courtesy of Lidl

Autumn enthusiasts rejoice! It won't be long until the leaves have dropped from the trees. But before they do, we've got a fall drop of our own!

The limited-edition seasonal fall collection at Lidl is in stores now, and believe me, Aldi had better watch out. This competing European-based budget grocery brand may just be the new champ of fall-themed groceries. Beyond just pumpkin spice, they're including everything else that's nice, with items that tap into apples, butternut squash, warm sage, hot tea, spicy cinnamon, smoky maple and more.

So if you can't wait for that little nip in the air and that first hint of nutmeg and smoke, you won't want to wait to dive into this list like so many piles of leaves. Without further ado, let's rake in the goodies and their store-brand savings.


What's better than starting off a crisp fall day with a hot sip of autumn's most iconic flavor, Pumpkin Spice coffee? You can get it now—or Maple Flavored coffee, if that's more your style. Or spice up your usual joe with a splash of Pumpkin Pie Coffee Creamer, a new entrant this year. If a spot of tea is more up your alley, pick up a box of Pumpkin Spice or Cinnamon Apple tea, back for another round.

If you'd rather eat than drink your fall flavors, look in the frozen foods aisle for last year's hit Pumpkin Waffles—perfect for a quick bite before school or work, especially topped with the Organic Maple Butter that's also come back for another round. Just as quick—instant oatmeal packs, offered in Pecan Pie and (you guessed it!) Pumpkin Spice. (With 9 to 10 grams of added sugar per serving, EatingWell recommends balancing these with other breakfast choices throughout the week rather than making them your go-to choice.)


Fall brings me one of my favorite things from Lidl: the frozen Sausage & Squash Thin Crust Pizza. It's not even the adorably designed, cartoon-whimsy box that gets me—it's the savory, sage-y sausage with sweet red onions, spinach, salty ricotta salata and creamy butternut squash. Split one for a quick toaster-oven lunch for two. Personally, I also add more spinach, sometimes broccoli. And, same as last year, you can wash it down with the Solevita Organic Autumn Harvest Kombucha, a fizzy probiotic beverage flavored with cinnamon, apple, vanilla and cloves. (Each bottle has 14 grams of added sugar, so consider cutting it with some plain seltzer.)


What could be more comforting on a crisp autumn night than a big bowl of soup? New for this year is a Butternut Squash and Chestnut recipe I'm excited for. But a close second is a hot pasta dinner, and Lidl is coming in strong in this area. They're bringing back the D'Orazio Butternut Squash Ravioli, which is "perfect in minutes with some browned butter and Parmigiano cheese," according to Lidl public relations manager Chandler Spivey. Or, just double down on that flavor instead and served topped with Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce.

Creamier sauces make things even cozier, and the new imported-from-Italy Pumpkin Alfredo and Butternut Squash Alfredo sauces are exactly that. These premium jars are a dollar more than the original more vegetable-heavy ones, but promise to be well worth it, maybe topping some dried pappardelle that you've cooked up. (Their sauces are a bit on the high side in sodium, so keep that in mind if you're watching your sodium intake.)


There are plenty of delicious finds here to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you're a fan of dessert hummus, Lidl's Pumpkin Pie and Snickerdoodle flavors are back. Scoop them up with apple or pear slices. In the same flavors, go for dusted almonds if you'd prefer more crunch in your pick-me-up. Or try Honey Roasted Caramel Apple Peanuts, which channel the charm of candy-dipped apples on a stick, and the Maple Cinnamon Apple Walnuts that bring pie to mind. "I loved them so much that I even included them in my welcome bags at my wedding last October," confided Spivey.

And since it is #pumpkinszn, there's obviously the comeback hero Pumpkin Pie Gelato, good on its own or—dare we say?—on a slice of its namesake dessert, if you just can't get enough of all things pumpkin spice. Because we all know, for some, fall is indeed the hap-happiest season of all.