Oktoberfest Is Back—Here's What to Buy from Aldi to Celebrate

There are plenty of cozy sides and sweet desserts to be had.

Oktoberfest Aldi Items
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October is just around the corner—costume shopping, anyone?—and that means dinner menus are about to see some major changes. We'll be swapping big tomato-laden salads and quick zoodles for creamy soups and roasted fall veggies, and we might even go looking for some Euro-inspiration when Oktoberfest arrives in Munich on September 17. The good news is that, per usual, Aldi has us covered for this fall celebration.

The store, with its fan-favorite German weeks that come twice a year, is bringing back its German-imported and -inspired lineup on September 21, so everyone can get in on the festive fall fun. Most of the products will be sold under the Deutsche Küche brand, Aldi's in-house line of Bavarian frozen treats, savory sides and pantry staples. The selection will include everything from cozy pasta and stuffed pastries to crisp pickles and veggie soup, so you're bound to find something for you. Read on for some highlights from the returning promotion.

12 Aldi Finds for Oktoberfest

1. Deutsche Küche Schupfnudeln

Potato lovers, fasten your seatbelts. Schupfnudeln is a potato-based noodle that's much like gnocchi, only it's formed into longer shapes. Aldi calls this dish an "Alsatian gnocchi," and serves it up with a creamy mushroom sauce or a cheese sauce with pickles, depending on the package you pick up. Both dishes are done in 12 minutes for a quick side that you can pair with chicken or serve up along with some roasted veggies. We'd recommend the mushroom option over the pickle-cheese—the swap has 150 fewer milligrams of sodium and 3 fewer grams of saturated fat for a slightly lighter choice. Find them both in the freezer aisle for $4.29.

2. Deutsche Küche Spaetzle

Spaetzle, the egg-based noodle-slash-dumpling that can be served with everything from melted butter to sauerbraten, may seem like the kind of meal you could only enjoy after a big project day in the kitchen, but this convenient frozen option means you can serve up a comforting bowl of spaetzle any day of the week. Available in a cheesy, mozzarella- and raclette-smothered version or a slightly less cheesy garlic-sage option, this spaetzle would be a delicious accompaniment to dishes like our Crispy Chicken Schnitzel or a batch of Sheet-Pan Sausage & Peppers. Snag a bag from the frozen section for $4.49.

3. Deutsche Küche German Style Pickles

There's something special about the flavor and snap of German pickles, which are usually seasoned with a little more kick and spice than a classic dill pickle. In the bottom of these jars, you'll notice onions, red peppers, black pepper, dill weed and mustard seeds giving the gherkins a little something special in every bite. Pick up a 23.6-ounce jar for $3.49 for snacking, including in your favorite mixed salad or serving on the side with a tasty sandwich.

4. Deutsche Küche Raisin & Nut Muesli

Busy bees will want to add this healthy whole-grain cereal to their carts this September. This imported raisin-nut muesli is an easy way to start the day with a meal that's quick and healthy, so you can have a budget-friendly, filling breakfast without even turning on the stove. Plus, this cereal qualifies as an "excellent source of fiber," meaning that it has at least 5 grams in each serving—that's 20% of your recommended daily intake. Grab a box for $3.29 and serve it up with milk or add some to your morning yogurt.

5. Deutsche Küche German Cream Cakes

These intensely rich cream cakes probably aren't the best option for folks eating a heart-healthy or diabetes-friendly diet—each serving contains at least 7 grams of saturated fat and 22 grams of sugar. But if you're in the market for something that feels indulgent and special occasion-ready, these imported desserts are definitely an affordable option. Aldi will soon carry a Black Forest cream cake, a strawberry cream cake and a classic chocolate cream cake in the freezer aisle, with each dessert costing $7.99. These eight-serving cakes are layered with rich sauce, cake, cream and plenty of deliciously sweet toppings, from chocolate curls to cherries.

6. Deutsche Küche Imported Strudel

It's not an Aldi Oktoberfest without a few strudel options. These imported fruity pastries, available in classic apple and "fruits of the forest"—a berry-apple option—are perfect for serving up something sweet to a crowd or satisfying your own cravings at home. Each box contains two strudels that each serve three, so popping one of each variety onto a sheet pan and serving with scoops of vanilla ice cream sounds like a pretty easy way to please a crowd. Find a box for $2.99 in the freezer aisle.

7. Deutsche Küche Frangipane Tarts

Here's another option for sweet-toothed shoppers. Both the apple- and cherry-frangipane tarts are rich with texture and flavor. Almond cake gets served in a shortcrust pastry and topped with fruit and roasted almonds in these pastry-case-glamorous desserts. Each tart serves four and is imported from Germany, so you know you've got something pretty authentic on your hands. Pick up one for $3.69.

8. Deutsche Küche German Cakes

These simple, classic cakes might be a little on the rich side, with 23 or 27 grams of sugar and 8 or 6 grams of saturated fat in each serving, depending on the cake you choose, but they're a fun option to keep in your freezer in case you need a quick dessert. Choose the apple-walnut option, an almond cake with generous apple slices and caramelized walnuts, to pair with hot mugs of apple cider on a cool night, or try the Bienenstich almond cake if you prefer something with a creamy vanilla filling inside. Both cakes are imported from Germany, so you know they'll add a little Euro-inspired coziness to a sweet night in. Pick up a cake, which serves eight, for $7.99.

9. Deutsche Küche Savory Strudels

Nobody keeps strudel in the dessert corner. These flaky pastry options are stuffed with green veggies and creamy cheese—either spinach-ricotta or artichoke-cheese—for a fun appetizer you can slice up and share with friends or enjoy as a vegetarian main dish for two. It's all the flakiness of a glamorous puff pastry dish with no dough-folding necessary. Snag a box for $3.99.

10. Emporium Selection Beer Fondue

If you're in the market for a dish that will help you celebrate Oktoberfest *and* be a fun option for fall football watch parties, look no further. This ready-to-melt fondue from Aldi's in-house cheese brand is perfect for snacking on while you sip a favorite German beer or while you complain at the ref on your TV. Serve it up with pretzel bites for a restaurant-quality appetizer that you can prepare in no time. Each 9-ounce container costs $5.89.

11. Deutsche Küche Frozen Veggies

If you've got a protein source ready to serve, like a bowl of brothy beans or some low-effort rotisserie chicken, adding this frozen cabbage blend, a savory mix of veggies with olive oil and herbs, is a simple way to level up your meal in just 10 minutes. And when you're looking for something easy but delicious for your morning meal, the warm potato salad with scrambled eggs, onions and seasonings would make a quick centerpiece to weekend brunch. You could even use it as the base for a breakfast-inspired dinner on a busy weeknight. Each package costs $2.99.

12. Deutsche Küche German Lentil Soup

Even something as classic and reliable as lentil soup gets a little German twist at Aldi this month. Available in the lentil-vegetable or lentil-chickpea varieties, these 28-ounce tins of soup can go straight from your pantry to a pot on the stove for dinner in minutes. Imported from Germany, these soups are rich with veggie flavor and packed with high-protein lentils for a meal that's as filling as it is affordable. Pick up a can for $2.79 and serve up your soup with a light salad and a piece of crusty bread on a chilly fall evening.

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