Professional Basketball All-Star Chris Paul Launches New Line of Vegan Snacks

From Big Dill Ranch Tortilla Chips to Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donut Puffs, Good Eat'n is being marketed as “surprisingly plant-based” for a reason.

Chris Paul
Photo: Good Eat'n / Gopuff

Professional basketball player and NBA All-Star Chris Paul has officially announced his new line of vegan snacks in partnership with Gopuff. The snack line, named Good Eat'n, is labeled as "surprisingly plant-based" with snacks ranging from Nacho Cheeze Tortilla Chips to Classic BBQ Porkless Rinds.

This isn't the first time Chris Paul and Gopuff have joined forces. Last year, they launched "Put Me On," a program which paired experienced entrepreneurs with small business owners to help their companies grow. Now, Paul is the face of his own brand, and he's ready to make a difference in how we experience plant-based food.

"We wanted to make a product that was plant-based, but not just for plant-based eaters," Paul said in a roundtable with EatingWell. "It's for eaters, people who actually like food and want to eat food and have an option that they can go to."

Good Eat'n / Gopuff

The seven different snacks in the Good Eat'n line are exclusively available on the Gopuff app, but when the snacks hit the shelves, you won't be finding them in the specialty aisle; the Good Eat'n line is designed to stand out in the sea of vibrant bags in the chip aisle.

"There are people that won't eat something because it's plant-based," he said. "I'll never understand, but this isn't just for plant-based eaters, it's for people that want something that tastes good."

Paul, who has been vegan for three years, wants not only to change the common perception of plant-based foods and snacks, but also to change the expectations.

"There are a lot of snacks that taste like nothing," Paul says about other plant-based snacks. The flavor-first motive is driven from his own experiences transitioning to a vegan diet in his mid-30s.

So, what's Paul's favorite snack from his new brand? The Cookies N Creme Popcorn—which is one of the two sweet snacks in the line, alongside the Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donut Puffs.

Since the line is geared toward the average eater, it's clear that Paul's mission is not just to make tasty snacks for vegans. Instead, Paul wants the common consumer to add flavorful plant-based foods in their everyday life:

"You don't have to go cold turkey like I did—or cold tofu—but if you can try to start introducing some different healthier options for yourself, I guarantee you it will change your life, because it definitely changed mine."

"It's worth noting that, though these snacks are plant-based, they still fall in the category of highly processed foods," adds Jessica Ball, M.S., RD, nutrition editor at EatingWell. "This doesn't mean they aren't healthy, but they may be a better fit for an occasional treat versus a daily staple."

Want to try the snacks yourself? Download the Gopuff app today and search for the Good Eat'n brand, which can be delivered from your nearest Gopuff-compatible location. Also, check out some of our favorite whole-food-forward vegan snacks to help you get ahead of midday hunger.

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