The 17 Best Sale Items at Costco in September

School-lunch snacks, cozy soups and meal-starters like dumplings and sausages are just some of the great deals at Costco this month.

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Attention Costco shoppers! There's a new collection of Warehouse Savings deals, and I added many of them to my own personal shopping list. I'm excited to see several things I already send along in my daughter's school lunch and keep on hand for emergency meals, as well as perfectly portion-controlled desserts for when someone (ahem, my husband) needs something to satisfy his (daily) sweet tooth. What will you add to your shopping list?

1. Kind Nut Bars

$6 off in warehouses and online

To be honest, I always assumed that since these nut-packed bars are dipped in chocolate, they were loaded with added sugar. But, as I discovered when I did the first of these Costco roundups, they aren't! In fact, with 4 grams of added sugar per bar, they're lower than many granola bars. Plus they have 6 grams of fiber each, which most of us don't eat enough of. I've been buying them ever since—I even ate one while I wrote this! The 20-count box includes Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate Almond and Dark Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt flavors.

2. Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

$3.60 off in warehouses only

My husband has started making overnight oats, and pumpkin seeds are one of his favorite mix-ins. I'll be grabbing a bag of these next time I go to Costco. There are two brands on sale: Go Raw and Harvested for You.

3. Nature's Garden Organic Trail Mix

$3.20 off in warehouses only

If you have a trail mix lover in your family like I do, this variety pack of 24 individually portioned bags is a great deal. There are three different blends to choose from: Omega-3 Deluxe Mix, Heart Healthy Mix and, my favorite, Cranberry Health Mix. You buy also buy a two-pack of them online (48 servings) for $7 off.

4. Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds

$4.70 off in warehouses and online

My entire family loves these almonds. I eat a handful on their own, toss them into salads and even add them to homemade trail mix for a savory twist. Just keep serving sizes in mind—it's easy to eat multiple servings in one sitting.

5. Skinny Pop Organic Popcorn

$2.50 off in warehouses only

You may be surprised to learn this, but popcorn is a healthy snack choice, as long as you don't douse it in butter. I prefer to make homemade popcorn for movie nights but do often buy this for my husband's daytime snacking needs.

6. Popcorners Variety Pack

$3.80 off in warehouses only

I almost always have a box of these in Snackland at my house. With four flavors to choose from—Sea Salt, Spicy Queso, Kettle Corn and White Cheddar—there's something for everyone.

7. Starbucks French Roast

$7 off in warehouses and online

I absolutely love coffee and feel no shame in proclaiming that to the world. In fact, my morning coffee habit could help me live longer, according to science. French roast coffee lovers, this 2.5-pound bag is a great deal. And don't forget, this is whole-bean coffee, so if you don't have a grinder, take advantage of Costco's before you depart the store.

8. Campbell's Simply Chicken Noodle Soup

$5.60 off in warehouse and online

Canned or boxed soup is always in my pantry—it's one of my go-tos for lunch and a great I-don't-feel-like-cooking dinner. It's a bit higher in sodium that we recommend (680 mg per cup), so just keep that in mind if you are watching your sodium intake.

9. Hellmann's or Best Foods Real Mayonnaise

$2.50 off in warehouses and online

When our editors shared the foods we never buy generic, mayonnaise was on the list—and the brand our senior food editor Sean Kenniff buys is Hellmann's. Depending on what part of the country you live in, it's also sold under the brand Best Foods.

10. Mochi Ice Cream

$3.30 off in warehouses only

I started buying mochi ice cream a few years ago. I love that they're small and portion-controlled. There are two brands on sale: Bubbies and My Mochi. Both brands include strawberry and mango but each has a third flavor—Bubbies adds matcha green tea to the mix, and My Mochi includes vanilla.

11. Bibigo Beef Bulgogi Mandu

$3.50 off in warehouses and online

You'll always find dumplings like mandu or potstickers in my freezer. And when I run out, that's one thing that prompts me to make another Costco run. They're great to have on hand for quick meals and snacks—these are ready in less than 10 minutes.

12. Jarlsberg Semi Soft Part-Skim Cheese

$4 off in warehouses only

This Norwegian cheese is creamy and nutty and melts up nicely. This is a big hunk, but if you keep it well wrapped, it'll last a long time. Try it in this recipe for Quiche Lorraine with Zucchini Crust.

13. Amylu ABF Paleo Andouille Chicken Sausages

$4 off in warehouses only

These spicy sausages are a bit higher in sodium that we like (we aim to cap our entrees at 480 mg per serving, and one link has 500 mg) but they're handy to have on hand to flavor soups, stews, rice dishes and more. I like to keep chicken sausages in my freezer because I can easily make a meal out of them alongside a big salad or some grilled vegetables.

14. Harry's Organic Tomato Basil Soup

$3 off in warehouses only

I could eat tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches all fall and winter long. Find these large bowls of tomato soup in the refrigerated section of Costco. I bet you could freeze the second one if you don't eat both right away. Like the chicken noodle soup, this one is a bit higher in sodium than we recommend (610 mg per cup) so just keep that in mind if you're watching your sodium intake.

15. Nature Made Vitamin D3

$3.50 off in warehouses and online

As we head into cold and flu season, vitamin D is one of the nutrients we need to support a healthy immune system—and one that's hard to get enough of through diet alone. This brand is third-party verified, which confirms that the supplement is safe (most supplements are totally unregulated).

16. Nature's Bounty Fish Oil

$5 off in warehouses and online

Try as I might, it's challenging for me to get enough omega-3s through my diet, so I do my best to take a supplement each day since I know these fats are so beneficial to my health—from decreased inflammation to improved eye health and cognitive function. This brand is also third-party verified so you can feel safe buying it.

17. Nordic Ware Baking Sheets

$5 off in warehouses and online

It wouldn't be a Costco sale roundup without a great deal on a kitchen ware. These nonstick baking sheets are PFOA-free. The three-piece set includes two half-sheet pans (about 12-by-17 inches) and one quarter-sheet pan (about 12-by-9). Nordic Ware says the bronze coloring on the baking sheets prevents overbrowning.

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