8 Healthy Aldi Finds Coming to Stores in September

Lots of delicious options are arriving to welcome fall.

The beginning of September brings all kinds of joys—more tailgating, cooler weather and, yes, a whole new slate of Aldi finds. You can always count on the budget-friendly retailer for fun, affordable items that will shake up your routine in the kitchen. (Just check out this roundup of fall exclusives for further inspiration.)

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This month, the chain is bringing in plenty of flavors that suit the transition from summer to fall, like sweet corn, crisp apple and cinnamon, so you can ease yourself into the new season. New chicken sausages and sweet potato chips lend themselves to tailgating menus, while new coffee options will bring a flavorful twist to your morning routine. Read on for the full roundup of fun and healthy finds arriving on Aldi shelves all month.

1. Specially Selected Quinoa Chocolate Bites

Move out of the way, puffed rice! These delightful bites, available in coconut or hazelnut, bring fiber-rich quinoa into the dessert conversation. Each serving contains 7 grams of saturated fat—that's more than half of what the American Heart Association suggests limiting yourself to each day—so these rich treats are best saved for an occasional indulgence rather than an every-night option. (You could also tamp down the serving size from five bites to two or three for a slightly less intense sweet treat.) Each bag costs $3.99 and will be available starting September 7.

2. Clancy's Roasted Sweet Corn Popcorn

The best things happen when you're snacking, and popcorn is a snack our dietitians can't get enough of. For folks who are trying to lose weight, popcorn can be a great option when you start to feel peckish. As a whole grain, it is packed with fiber but fairly low in calories, meaning that it will keep you satisfied without making you feel groggy or stuffed. This sweet corn-flavored popcorn is basically corn Inception in a bag, and we can't wait to try it ourselves. Pick up a bag for $2.49 beginning September 7.

3. Clancy's Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Chips

Here's a sugared and spiced way to usher in the season. These dessert-adjacent potato chips would be pretty good on their own, but pairing them with a sweet dip, like a fruit salsa or dessert hummus, would level them up for a fall watch party or a tailgating offering. (This recipe from our sibling brand, Allrecipes, might spark your imagination.) With just 140 calories, 1 gram of saturated fat and 6 grams of total sugar in each serving, this cheap eat is a fairly healthy way to satisfy a craving for chips or something sweet. Snag a bag for $2.69 starting September 7.

4. Barissimo Fall Ground Coffee

If there's one thing that the colder seasons of the year have in common, it's the ubiquitous presence of delicious hot drinks. These flavorful coffee blends, available in caramel or apple crisp starting September 7, are simple ways to bring something new to your typical cup of joe. Since coffee has some serious health benefits—especially if you drink it filtered—we're pretty confident in saying that these batches of beans are a healthy buy. Try either flavor for just $4.59.

5. Simply Nature Organic Fall Chicken Sausage

Get ready for a cooler grilling season with these fall-themed sausages made from organic chicken. Both the harvest apple and cranberry sage flavors are perfect for enjoying on a bun with a fun slaw or mustardy sauce on top, but they would also work in a pan of sausage-and-herb stuffing for a little taste of Thanksgiving before the big day. Pick up a pack of five links for $4.99 beginning September 14.

6. Park Street Deli Hummus

This affordable snack option is perfect to keep on hand in the break room with some carrot chips or to add to a kid's lunchbox. New flavors like garlic-dill, dill pickle and caramelized onion are coming to Aldi coolers on September 21, so you can shake up snack time. Grab an 8-ounce container for $1.95 later this month.

7. Never Any Chicken Sausage

Here's a cheaper chicken sausage option for those who don't mind a little extra wait. Never Any, the brand Aldi depends on for meat without added hormones, artificial ingredients and antibiotics, is bringing apple-bourbon and andouille chicken sausage to a store near you. While both options would be delicious on a bun or in a pan of stuffing, you could also snag some andouille for a comforting pot of gumbo in the chilly weather. Snag a pack of five links for $4.59 starting September 21.

8. Specially Selected Indulgent Greek Yogurts

These super-sweet yogurts might not be breakfast material, but they would be a fun start to an autumnal dessert parfait. With flavors like honey-caramel apple doughnut and honey-maple, pairing a couple of dollops of these yogurts with diced apple and some cinnamon-toasted oats would be a pretty tasty way to end the day. And in a fun parfait cup, a mini fall trifle like that would be sure to impress a guest. But with 23 grams of total sugar in each serving of these yogurts, trimming down the serving or using this yogurt as an occasional treat would be a wise move, especially for folks watching their sugar intake. Pick up a 32-ounce container for $4.09 beginning September 28.

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