13 Seasonal Sips Coming to Aldi This Fall

Bonus perk: All of these beverages cost less than $15.

various seasonal drinks from Aldi
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Fall is all about cinnamon, spice and cider—maybe including some hard cider, too. For those of us excited to bring lots of autumn flavors into our kitchens, starting in the wine-and-beer aisle is an easy way to do it. Over at Aldi, they're bringing in lots of fun sips—both alcoholic and not—as soon as September 7.

The roster of new drinks coming this fall includes everything from host-gift-appropriate wines to classic apple cider. Everything in this roundup will cost you less than $15, so you know you've got fun options that will work on a budget. These items are seasonally available, so you'll want to hustle down to your local Aldi to scope out the selection sooner rather than later—you never know when sips like these could sell out.

1. Jacob Einig Halloween Sweet Red

This so-called Sweet Bloody Red is the perfect bottle of wine to bring along to a Halloween horror movie watch. Friends will love the festive fun, and if you bring along a fruity white wine as well—like one of the bottles listed below—there'll be an option for all wine lovers. Pick up a bottle for $6.99 beginning September 7, and you could even sip on some as you decorate the house for scary season.

2. Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Apple Wine

The folks at Aldi say this drink is a perfect match for those who enjoy a sweet after-dinner wine, but it's also a fun option for making a spritzer or sangria. Just combine it with your favorite seltzer and some diced apple for a quick drink that's cute, affordable and tasty enough to serve to friends. Each bottle of this wine is 9% alcohol by volume and costs just $3.99. Pick up a bottle starting September 9.

3. State of Brewing Pumpkin Pie Hard Cider

Even folks who don't love pumpkin might be tempted by this simple cider, which is new to Aldi this year. Unlike the store's popular pumpkin ale, this beverage puts the emphasis on pumpkin pie spice with an apple ale base underneath. On nights when the weather's still warm but you're already thinking about Thanksgiving, this hard cider has your back. Pick up a pack of six 12-ounce bottles for $7.99 beginning September 9.

4. State of Brewing Pumpkin Ale

This returning item is a classic for pumpkin lovers. This malty, spiced ale is a good match for IPA fans looking for something to drink with their fresh slice of pumpkin loaf. Each pack of six bottles costs $7.99 and becomes available starting September 9.

5. Wicked Grove Hard Cider Variety Pack

This master pack of classic Wicked Grove flavors like juicy pear, cinnamon and crisp apple is a perfect way to fill up your cooler on a college football Saturday or load the fridge for an autumn get-together. Aldi is bringing on two new Wicked Grove flavors this year, but folks who love these classic flavor palates will love this 12-bottle variety pack. Pick up an apple crate yourself for $15.99 beginning September 9.

6. Exquisite Collection Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

Aldi's wine department is pretty psyched about the two high-end wines coming to shelves near you. This rich red is the first Paso Robles cab that Aldi has ever stocked, and at just $13.99 per bottle, it's bound to be one of the most affordable options on the market. Find a bottle at your local store beginning September 9.

7. 45 & Vine Oregon Pinot Noir

Travel up the coastline a bit for this Oregon pinot noir coming soon to your local wine section. Each bottle, available beginning September 9, costs just $14.99, making it a fun and frugal option for a last-minute host gift or a dinner party drink option.

8. Nature's Nectar Fall Ciders

These cozy 2-quart jugs are perfect for cold days. Available in spiced and Honeycrisp varieties, both of these sweet drinks can be served hot or cold. Both ciders contain 25 grams of sugar in each serving, which is pretty high, considering the American Heart Association's suggested maximum intake of 25 grams per day. You'll want to make this drink an occasional treat rather than an everyday drink, especially if you're already watching your sugar intake. Heat it up in a slow cooker or on the stovetop—or mix it into drinks like our Bourbon Caramel Apple Cocktail—for an easy crowd-pleasing drink. Pick up a jug for $2.89 starting September 9.

9. Wicked Grove Caramel Apple Hard Cider

This new addition to the Aldi fall lineup is so fresh, even employees are still itching to get their hands on it. For folks who already love hard apple cider, this sweet twist on the classic is a must-try for fall. Pick up a six-pack for $7.99 starting September 14.

10. Three Mills Pumpkin Spice Mulled Wine

Keep the warm beverages coming—this pumpkin spice mulled wine is perfect for folks who want to add a little booziness to chilly nights. The folks at Aldi recommend garnishing steamy mugs of this drink with a cinnamon stick and good conversation. Snag a bottle for $5.99 starting September 21.

11. State of Brewing Peanut Butter Porter

Finally, the perfect drink for a Halloween evening spent sneaking peanut butter cups out of the candy cauldron. This day-drinking-friendly beer clocks in at just 3.5% ABV, making it a dependable tailgating option to keep around as the weather gets cooler. Pick up a pack of six for $6.99 beginning September 28.

12. Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Cranberry Wine

Like the apple variety available in September, this wine is the perfect building block for spritzers or sangria. The folks at Aldi promise that this drink is as sweet as the name suggests, making it an appealing option for dessert wine lovers. You can find a bottle for $3.99 at your local Aldi starting October 14.

13. Wicked Grove Spiced Plum Hard Cider

The last of the new Wicked Grove offerings is another part of Aldi's campaign to expand their fall flavor palate. This spiced plum option, coming to stores on October 19, puts a fun and fruity spin on typical fall drink options. Pick up a pack of six for $7.99.

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