12 Seasonal Finds Coming to Aldi This Fall

Let the season of maple, pumpkin and apple begin!

Seasonal Finds Coming to Aldi This Fall
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The first day of fall may still be weeks away, but no one can be blamed for wanting to usher in the season a little earlier. As summer temperatures drop and kids head back to school, autumn standards like apple-cider doughnuts, fragrant candles and a nice fluffy throw blanket might sound more tempting than ever.

For fall fans angling to bring a little of the season to their homes early, there's good news: Aldi has your back. The store is bringing autumn vibes, from food and drinks to home decor, back to its shelves as soon as this week, so you can start swapping out signs and swigging cider. We've rounded up the items that you'll start to see on shelves starting this Wednesday, plus even more goodies coming later this season. (Don't worry—we've got all the drop dates handy, so you can keep an eye out for your favorites.)

6 Items Coming to Aldi This Week

Here are six products hitting Aldi shelves starting August 24.

1. Deluxe Harvest Mat

For $6.99, this welcome mat will add some seasonal flair to your entryway. The mat features a soft, neutral maple leaf outline and a chill "hello, fall" greeting, so it's likely to match just about any decorating style you might use.

2. Huntington Home Candle

Available as a one-wick or three-wick candle, this cinnamon latte scent bomb is sure to add a level of olfactory coziness to your living room. Pick up a three-wick version for $3.99 or snag the smaller single-wick for $2.49.

3. Benton's Apple Cider Donut Sandwich Cremes

It wouldn't be an Aldi autumn without some fun copycat treats. This riff on a classic Oreo relies on vanilla cookies and a fall-flavored filling for a twist of orchard-appropriate sweetness. Snag a pack for $2.29 for an occasional treat or a seasonal addition to kids' lunchboxes. Just be aware that each serving of two cookies contains 13 grams of sugar—that's more than half of the amount most people should eat each day—so folks aiming to watch their sugar intake will want to enjoy these sweets as an occasional treat or dial it back to one cookie when the mood strikes.

4. Nature's Nectar Sparkling Fresh Cider

The folks at Aldi might be known for their affordable alcoholic beverages, but that doesn't mean sober folks can't get in on the fun. These four-packs of sparkling cider cost just $3.99, so you can keep some on hand the next time you're serving a mixed crowd or even use them as a base for a fun mixed drink, like our Sparkling Cranberry-Cider Mocktail.

5. Simply Nature Fall Coconut Clusters

These flavor-packed bites are perfect for munching at your desk or adding a little crunch to your morning yogurt. Available in apple-cinnamon and pumpkin spice, each 1-ounce serving has just 5 grams of sugar and 150 calories, making them a great choice when you're itching for a light snack in the afternoon. The best part is that these granola-esque clusters are gluten-free, so everyone can get in on the deliciousness. Pick up a 10-ounce bag for $6.99.

6. Specially Selected Pumpkin Cheesecake Drizzled Caramel Corn

This treat is exactly the kind of deluxe movie snack dreams are made of. Whether your go-to fall flick is Practical Magic or Halloween, this caramel corn will satisfy your sweet tooth and please everyone on the couch. Fans of loaded caramel corn will definitely want to get in on this item. With a base of perfectly crunchy-sweet caramel corn topped with a creamy, tangy, pumpkin-pie-spice-tinged drizzle, this snack is almost too good to be true. And at $2.99 per bag, it would even make a fun, frugal addition to a fall gift basket.

6 Items Coming to Aldi This Fall

1. Belmont Mini Bundt Cakes

The folks at Aldi can't get enough of these entertaining essentials, available in maple-brown sugar and pumpkin-pecan varieties. Each box of Bundts contains two personal-sized treats for a quick sweet treat you can whip up in a flash—they're so good, you'll end up wanting one for breakfast in the morning, one Aldi spokesperson says. But with 32 grams of sugar in each cake, you might want to split one of these cakes with a friend for an easy dessert. Each box costs just $3.29 and will be available starting September 7.

2. Season's Choice Frozen Risotto

This fan-favorite item is back in a couple of fall-ready flavors: pumpkin-spelt or butternut squash. Each seasoned, veggie-packed bag includes four servings of risotto that you can serve up as a side dish or fix up with protein for a quick and comforting warm grain bowl. Snag a bag for $3.69 beginning September 7.

3. Specially Selected Fall Bisque

This quick canned soup is ideal for evenings when you can't imagine cooking anything elaborate, but you still want something tasty. Available in pumpkin-maple or creamy carrot-coconut, these jarred bisques would pair well with a simple grilled cheese, à la our Butternut Squash Soup with Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. A dinner that simple can be finished with a handful of ingredients in just a few short minutes. Try either soup yourself for just $3.89 starting September 7.

4. Berryhill Fall Spreads

These "cult-follower" items are sure to inspire further devotion in Aldi fans. The store will be bringing back its Berryhill pumpkin butter, a richly flavored toast topper that would be right at home on a freshly baked biscuit, scone or muffin. Folks who prefer other fall flavors might want to try the store's newest option, a salted caramel apple spread, for a similarly fall-ready feel that brings more fruit flavor to the table. Pick up a jar for $2.79 starting September 9.

5. Priano Fall Ravioli

Refrigerated pastas are a perfect dinner starter that you can keep on hand for busy nights. And with options like pumpkin-sage or butternut squash, these fall stuffed pastas are great options for a cozy night in. The folks at Aldi say they even have a hidden perk—they're a surefire way to sneak some veggies into a fun, cheesy meal that kids will love. Find a pack at your local Aldi for $3.29 beginning September 9.

6. Specially Selected Pumpkin Spice Brioche

Brioche lovers will appreciate the price on this affordably luxurious loaf. For just $4.29, you can snag a pack of these French slices that are perfect for a slice of sweet toast in the morning or even a simple dessert. The experts at Aldi recommend swapping in this bread the next time you decide to make French toast—you could even top your plate with a little pumpkin butter instead of maple syrup.

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