We can't wait to try these exciting new items ASAP.
Aldi storefront
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July has breezed right by us, and it's almost time for our final summer to-do's and school-supplies shopping. Thankfully, Aldi is here to make the adjustment from Summer Fridays to Manic Mondays easier with a slew of new products coming in August. We've selected seven nutritious products we are most excited about debuting this month, so be on the lookout during your Aldi runs to try these out for yourself. From ground bison to tasty cocktail mixers, there's something for every kind of eater and entertainer to enjoy on this list.

1. Park Street Deli Cookie Butter Hummus

Need we say more? Dessert hummus is one of our favorite sweet snacks, and Aldi makes some of the best. We can't wait to try this 80-calorie Cookie Butter variety from the retailer that comes out August 3, along with a Snickerdoodle version. You'll be able to snag a container for $2.49.

2. Simply Nature Organic Veggie & Flaxseed Corn Tortilla Chips

Whether you're gluten-free or like to shop organic, this new chip variety is sure to become an instant favorite. It's a good source of fiber, made with whole-food ingredients and will retail for just $2.99 per bag starting August 17.

3. Earth Grown Non-Dairy Oat Milk-Based Pints

Oat milk lovers, get excited! Aldi's vegan Earth Grown line is launching oat milk-based ice cream and the Vanilla Cookie Chip flavor is debuting on August 17. Each ⅔-cup serving offers 200 calories and 17 grams of sugar, and will retail for $3.49 a pint.

4. Simply Nature Avocado Oil with Lemon or Garlic

Aldi is one of the most affordable destinations around for snagging 100% pure organic avocado oil. We're excited to try these new lemon and garlic infusions that are sure to make homemade hummus, versatile vinaigrettes and roasted veggies that much more delicious. This product hits stores on August 17 and will retail for $7.99.

5. Never Any Ground Bison

Fall is just around the corner, and we can't wait to start whipping up chilis and beef stews in the slow cooker. Until then, we'll settle for burgers, and this ground bison will make a fun spin on our favorite spicy meatloaf recipe. The meat is 90% lean, free of antibiotics and added hormones and will retail for $7.99 per pound once it hits store shelves August 17.

6. Season's Choice Antioxidant Blend

Coming to an Aldi freezer aisle near you on August 24, this blend of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and chopped kale will make it that much easier to blend up a morning smoothie. Just add your favorite milk or milk alternative, a banana and any favorite protein powders or seeds, and you'll have a seriously nourishing breakfast. This product makes up to six 12-ounce smoothies and will cost $5.99.

7. PurAqua Sparkling Cocktail Mixers

Our editors love a Bee's Knees cocktail, and this new product will make serving them up to your barbecue or pool-party guests that much easier. This 80-calorie lemon and honey sparkling cocktail mix simply requires the addition of gin for a traditional take on the cocktail, and you have a seriously tasty libation in an instant. This product is coming to Aldi on August 24 and will cost just $2.99 for a four-pack.