The closings come after complaints from employees.
Starbucks storefront
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For some folks, it's about to get a little tougher to track down your favorite creamy iced coffee.

In a message to its employees on Monday, Starbucks revealed that it will be closing 16 American locations in five cities by the end of the month. Los Angeles and Seattle, the coffee chain's hometown, will lose six locations each, while other stores will close in Portland, Oregon; Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Here's the complete list of affected locations, according to Insider:

Seattle area

Los Angeles area



Washington, D.C.

The closures are part of the company's new initiative to make Starbucks employees—called partners—feel safer on the job, according to The Wall Street Journal. The closing locations were selected based on feedback from partners about safety incidents in stores, including drug use and disruptions, and employees will have the opportunity to work at another nearby location.

The safety-first initiative comes in response to unionization efforts at many Starbucks locations. Howard Schultz, the Starbucks CEO who returned to the company in March, wrote a letter to Starbucks partners on Monday informing them that the company will be adopting five "Bold Moves" to revitalize Starbucks storefronts. The letter includes a note that safety is top of mind for Starbucks executives.

"In a world that is increasingly isolating and often divided, we can operate in a way that knits together the fabric of our neighborhoods," Schultz wrote of new safety initiatives. "We can expect to protect each other, respect and include each other, and work together to create the kind of safe and welcoming environment we need at work."

If the store closures knock out your go-to Starbucks location, you can find your nearest coffee shop with the chain's online store finder. You could also try your hand at some at-home coffee making using some of our favorite tips for a perfect cup. We even have healthy recipes, like our Chocolate-Hazelnut Iced Coffee and Pumpkin Spice Latte, to help you mimic your favorite caffeinated drinks in your own kitchen.