Camila Alves McConaughey Shares the Tool that Helped Her No-Mayo Slaw Go Viral

We chatted with the author, founder of Women of Today and mother about her ice cream sundae collaboration with Whole Foods Market. We found out how to get her new recipe, plus the saucy chicken dish that her family loves and what simple, sharp tool makes her no-mayo slaw so quick and easy.

Camila Alves McConaughey
Photo: Ashley Burns

Camila Alves McConaughey is wearing many hats these days. The co-author of a New York Times bestselling kids' book, Just Try One Bite, is the busy mom of three kids (Livingston, 9, Vida, 12, and Levi, 14) with her husband, actor Matthew McConaughey, and is busily running Women of Today, an online community.

Despite her packed schedule, when she was asked to team up with Whole Foods Market to celebrate National Ice Cream Day with a new ice cream recipe, she jumped at the chance.

We sat down with McConaughey to talk about her favorite foods, cooking hacks and the healthy produce she's determined to add to every meal.

EatingWell: What appealed to you about this ice cream collaboration with Whole Foods?

McConaughey: It feels great to have a treat and enjoy summer, and that's what ice cream is all about, so I was happy to be part of this. I talked to my kids about how to put a Latin twist on an ice cream [sundae] recipe. The kids were like, "dulce de leche" and "salted caramel," and then I added a taco shell to it. My kids loved how fun it was to create this taco-inspired ice cream creation with the crunch of the taco shell and the burst of flavors.

EatingWell: What dish says home to you?

McConaughey: A pot of black beans. I have a clay pot at home that I cook my beans in. When I see that pot, I instantly feel like I'm home in Brazil.

EatingWell: What's your favorite Brazilian dish to make for your family?

McConaughey: The kids' favorite is the Brazilian version of chicken stroganoff. We make it with a white sauce, and it's much lighter than other versions. It's the way my mom taught me to make it: more chicken, cream, corn for sweetness and green olives. You eat it with white rice and potatoes. It's so good! The whole family also loves yuca fries. I eat boiled yuca, but I'll air-fry a batch for the kids. When I make this, I put one batch on the table and hide another batch because with Matthew and the kids it'll be gone right away.

EatingWell: What are some go-to snacks you keep on hand for your kids?

McConaughey: I love making fruit roll-ups. They're easy to make from scratch, and I never buy them because the ones from the store start from puree, and the sugar content is high.

EatingWell: Do you have a favorite cooking hack, trick or secret?

McConaughey: I have this mandoline I love that I use every week to make this amazing no-mayo coleslaw. It's one of my recipes that has gone viral. What else? I always wash my berries or grapes or lettuce in water and white vinegar to kill any germs. You just fill a bowl with water, put the berries and a little vinegar in and let the mixture soak. You rinse everything afterward and let the fruit dry so you don't end up with any vinegar taste.

EatingWell: What food can't you live without?

McConaughey: I love berries … I love blueberries and chocolate.

EatingWell: What's the first thing you reach for every morning?

McConaughey: I start the day with tea. I have my tea station and do different combinations of tea. I drink a tea called Mud and I do different combinations between that and yerba mate, peppermint, star anise, cinnamon, clove and fennel. I put it all in and drink it.

EatingWell: Are you trying to incorporate any foods into your daily life these days?

McConaughey: For the last two years, I've been incorporating dark, leafy greens into my meals. I try to have at least one meal a day that includes kale, spinach or chard. I try to eat a lot of that.

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