Here's How to Score a Free Subway Sandwich This Summer—Plus All the New Menu Items

Sandwich lovers, get on your feet—Subway’s brand-new menu is sure to give you something to celebrate.

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The restaurant chain is shaking things up this summer with a new lineup of 12 sandwiches that are nothing like the usual fare you'll find at Subway. Instead of having a build-your-own element, these subs come with a preselected combination of cheese, bread, veggies and sauces. Just ask the sandwich artist for the name or number of the sandwich you want (and don't forget to clarify whether you want a footlong or a 6-inch).

The new menu items fall into four categories: cheesesteaks, Italianos, chicken and clubs. (But have no fear, custom-sub aficionados—Subway will still have build-your-own subs on the menu.) For fans of piping-hot cheesesteaks, the chain is launching The Philly, a classic cheesy steak sandwich with lots of peppers and onions, The Outlaw, which bumps up the heat with pepper Jack cheese and spicy mayo, and The Monster, which is loaded up with Cheddar, bacon and peppercorn ranch.

Cold-cut lovers will be into the Italianos, all of which are loaded with cured meats and veggies. The Supreme Meats sub includes the widest variety of savory ingredients, with pepperoni, salami, capicola and ham as the base. The sandwich gets topped up with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, banana peppers and Parmesan vinaigrette. While we wouldn't recommend making that sandwich a regular order—processed meats can be pretty tough on your heart—the Bella Mozza might be a better choice. That mozzarella-packed sandwich brings lots of salty-sweet flavor with capicola and ham, plus plenty of veggies (including nutritious spinach). The Bella Mozza also has the lowest calorie count of any of the new sandwiches, with 410 calories in a 6-inch sub—that falls within our recommended calorie count for a main dish!

Subway's new chicken sandwiches run the gamut from spicy to garlicky. The Champ is a chicken-Philly take on The Monster (hold the bacon!), while the Mexicali adds some fiery flavor with double pepper Jack cheese and a chipotle sauce. (The Mexicali also has some creamy, heart-healthy avocado to help soothe the burn.) And garlic fans will love The Great Garlic, which is slathered with the chain's new roasted garlic aioli—sounds pretty delicious *and* a little anti-inflammatory.

The new lineup of club sandwiches will be appealing for those who love something simple and classic. The All-American Club follows the traditional recipe for a club sandwich, with turkey, ham, cheese, bacon, mayo and veggies. Roast beef lovers will enjoy the Subway Club, which trades bacon for roast beef, while folks who love a more veggie-forward sandwich will appreciate the Turkey Cali Club. That last one is piled high with turkey, fresh mozzarella, bacon, avocado, spinach and plenty more veggies—yum!

If you want to try one of these brand new menu additions, swing by your local Subway location on July 12 (that's a Tuesday) between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. for a free taste. Subway is giving away 1 million free 6-inch subs to encourage folks to try the "best Subway sandwiches they've never created," according to an announcement from the chain. So be sure to take an early lunch break next week so you can get in on the deal!

No matter which of these new subs you choose, you could always round out your meal with a healthy side—maybe some roasted chickpeas would do the trick—and a refreshing drink that will help you stay hydrated, like a water or seltzer.

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