11 Healthy Aldi Finds Coming to Stores This July

From summer seltzer to tasty snacks.

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You can always count on the Aldi finds aisle for something special when a new month arrives. While June brought plenty of fun summer treats, from fizzy coconut water to limited-edition yogurt, July brings a whole new slate of products that you'll want to pick up while supplies last. Make the most of summer with no-cook meals, creamy popsicles, refreshing drinks and even some grilling gear. No matter what you pick up, you're sure to score some pretty good deals.

1. Nature's Nectar Sparkling Strawberry

Whether you just love a fizzy drink on a warm day or are looking for some nonalcoholic options for your next get-together, these sparkling drinks could be just what you need. These sparkling juice drinks will be available in strawberry-kiwi, strawberry lemonade and strawberry-tangerine, and they have no added sugar. Keep them on hand for a quick two-ingredient cocktail with your favorite spirit, or crack open one the next time you need something refreshing. Each four-pack costs $4 and is available starting July 6.

2. Whole & Simple Protein Bowl

These frozen meals would be a convenient option to have on hand, especially on days when it's too hot to cook. Both bowls feature lots of whole grains and plant-based protein—chickpeas or edamame, depending on which bowl you choose—plus a ½ cup of vegetables in each serving. We might recommend the edamame bowl, with 450 grams of sodium, over the chickpea bowl, with 580 grams of sodium, especially if you're watching your salt intake. Try a bowl for $3 beginning July 13.

3. Simply Nature Seaweed Snacks

Vitamin-packed seaweed might just be your favorite healthy snack of the summer. You could enjoy these seaweed pieces on their own, or turn them into a little snack bowl with some diced cucumber, a little avocado and a drizzle of soy sauce for a riff on deconstructed sushi. (They'd also be pretty tasty on the side with our Salmon Rice Bowl.) Each pack has just 30 calories, so you'll probably want to pair it with something that has a little fiber (like some avocado) for some staying power. Pick up a pack for $1.89 beginning July 13.

4. Loma Linda Plant-Based Goodness Meals

Plant-based folks will want to keep these Loma Linda meals on hand for a super-quick meal at home or at the office. These microwaveable lunches heat up in just 60 seconds, and there's an option to appeal to just about everyone. Pack the plant-based taco filling with a couple of tortillas and your favorite toppings for a quick bite, or bring along your favorite hot sauce and a piece of fruit to enjoy with the pad thai or Southwest bowl with chipotle peppers. All three meals are gluten-free, so they'll work for just about everyone. Pick up a 10-ounce meal for $3 beginning July 13.

5. PopCorners Kettle or White Cheddar Popcorn Chips

Popcorn is one of our favorite snacks, especially for folks who want to lose weight. Since the deliciously crunchy snack is a whole grain, it has some healthy fiber that will help you feel more satisfied after your afternoon snack—and it's even low in calories. But if you're more into chips than popcorn, it might be worth trying PopCorners, the popcorn-based chips that have all the thin crispiness of a chip. Starting July 13, Aldi will carry the kettle corn and white Cheddar flavors, both of which have 140 calories or less in each serving. (That's low-calorie according to our suggested nutrition parameters!) Pick up a 7-ounce bag for $3.28.

6. Fit & Active 20 Calorie Bars

When the summer heat starts to get under your skin, cool off with one of these light and fruity pops. These creamsicle-style popsicles include swirls of vanilla cream in the refreshing orange, cherry and strawberry ice pops. While the frozen treats don't contain added sugar, they are sweetened with Splenda. Snag a box of 10 bars for $2.29 beginning July 13.

7. Carbonaut Seeded Bread

If you're a fan of Aldi's zero net carb bread, you'll want to put this spin-off on your summer shopping list. Each slice of this bread contains 8 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein, so it will definitely have some staying power. Just know that eating bread with carbs—especially if you choose a tasty whole-wheat bread—can absolutely be a part of a healthy diet. (Here are some dietitian-approved breads we can't get enough of.) Pick up a 16-slice loaf for $5 starting July 13.

8. Simply Nature Infused Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Cooking Spray

Folks who are trying to follow the Mediterranean diet (or just choose healthy and tasty cooking oils) will want to get their hands on this item. With a smoking point of 405°F, these sprayable infused oils are perfect for roasting summer veggies or even toasting some bread in a skillet for a BLT. Available with infusions of garlic, chili pepper or basil, you're bound to find one that will work with your go-to summer recipes. Aldi will have 4.7-ounce bottles available for $4 beginning July 13.

9. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

You're sure to see canisters of Vital Proteins just about any place you go looking for collagen powders, and for good reason. Our dietitians rated it as one of the best collagen powders on the market, since it delivers 20 grams of collagen per serving and is soluble in hot and cold liquids. (It doesn't hurt that Jennifer Aniston is a huge fan, either.) Snag a 10-ounce canister for $25 beginning July 13.

10. Never Any! Butterflied Lamb Leg (Rosemary Garlic or Unseasoned)

This spring favorite is making a comeback just in time for your next cookout. This Halal-friendly cut of meat is raised without antibiotics and is ready to go right onto the grill, especially if you pick up the seasoned version. But if you want to roast the lamb for a special occasion, our Leg of Lamb with Blood Orange, Garlic & Ras el Hanout is perfect for summer. Snag a pack of lamb for your next summer feast for $8 per pound starting July 13.

11. Barnana Organic Plantain Chips (Lime or Pink Salt)

If you love a thicker-cut potato chip, you'll be all about Barnana's organic take on a classic snack. Plantains bring a mildly sweet taste to every bite, complemented by zesty lime flavor or a sprinkling of salt, depending on which bag you choose. Dunk them into guacamole or salsa, or just snack on a handful on movie night. You can pick up a 5-ounce bag for $3 beginning July 20.

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