Fans say these grapes are "so good," so we decided to give them a try
gummy bear grapes

Grapes are the year-round fruit that never disappoint. They're perfect for every occasion, whether you plan to snack on them, toss them on the grill or pack them up for a tasty picnic. And while I usually might skip over the teeny tiny grapes we see at the supermarket—since they're not as ripe, they're often sour—a new kind of grape has completely changed my point of view.

When I saw that Gummyberries, tiny red grapes meant to be practically as sweet as candy, were in stock at some Trader Joe's locations, I had to hop in my car and check out this fruit for myself. While the grapes weren't yet in stock at my local TJ's, I was able to scoop up a package at Whole Foods for a quick taste test. I also snagged some of the Cotton Candy grapes that are in season right now (and produced by the same company behind Gummyberries) to see how different the two popular varieties are.

Both have nutrition similar to table grapes, with about 60 calories, 14 grams of carbs, 1 gram of fiber, 0 grams of fat and 1 gram of protein per 1/2 cup serving. Just like other whole fruits and vegetables, these two grape varieties are a healthy and versatile addition to your plate.

I was already a fan of the enormous Cotton Candy grapes, which have a burst of sweet carnival-appropriate flavor as soon as you bite into them, but I was surprised by how much I loved the Gummyberries. Divine Flavor, the company that produces the grapes, says they should have a "fruit gummy flavor." That isn't *quite* how I'd describe them, but they definitely have a sweet quality that's hard to resist.

Unlike the Cotton Candy grapes, these little red gems don't have their flavor overwhelmed by sheer sweetness. You still get plenty of that classic grape flavor in every bite, plus the added bonus of reliable sweetness and a little twist of berry flavor. (In fact, these grapes are so berrylike, Divine Flavor even recommends using them as a topping for cheesecake!) The only downside is the texture—like gummies, these grapes are slightly softer than a crisp table grape. I actually found that I enjoyed the chewier texture, but if you prefer something with a cleaner bite, this fruit might not be for you. And if you're a fan of frozen grapes, you'll love how small and sweet these are right out of the freezer. They're easier to eat, especially for small mouths, and have a more typical texture once frozen.

Fans of the Gummyberries were psyched to see them make a comeback, with one person writing in the comments of a post to call the grapes "so good" and agree that they do have a gummy flavor. You can use Divine Flavor's product finder to find a retailer near you carrying the grapes (or some of the company's many other sweet grape varieties).

These grapes are definitely flavorful enough to enjoy on their own as a snack or simple dessert, but they would also be delicious in a fun fruit salad for your next refreshing summer meal—maybe one with pineapple and strawberries or in our Purple Fruit Salad. You could also add them to a Creamy Apple Salad or your next batch of classic chicken salad for a simple make-ahead dish. Honestly, it's hard to imagine that you could go wrong with these grapes on your side.

An extra perk of this snack is that the Gummyberries are available organically, if you prefer to buy organic produce. Since grapes often end up on the Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen list, which details the 12 produce items that have the highest pesticide residues, it's good to know that these grapes can help you limit your exposure. (At EatingWell, we're always pro eating your fruits and veggies, whether you buy organic or not.)

Gummyberries grapes started arriving in stores in June, so keep your eyes peeled the next time you're perusing the produce section—you might just find your new favorite summer snack.