The singer is releasing a new song, "Treat," out now.
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Singer, entrepreneur and mother of three Ciara may not be just like us, but she, too, cherishes the summer season for all the traveling, delicious meals and family time it brings. Today, she released a new song, "Treat," in partnership with Rice Krispies, that the singer says speaks to her love for the summer months and the extra-special memories made with family this time of year. The song is available to stream now, and her new single J.U.M.P. is coming soon.

"Kicking off the summer with this song and Rice Krispies Treats is so fun for me because I love the theme of family and spending all my free time with my little ones, though I always say that my husband is my biggest baby," says Ciara. "This song is all about good times, and the sweetest part is that my kids joined me on it, which was really sweet and in the true spirit of family fun. There are lots of good feels happening in this song."

When the singer isn't recording or on tour during this time of year, she loves to hang with the family, though it's not all lazy days by the pool and evening barbecues. Considering that her husband is professional football player Russell Wilson, there's a lot of competitiveness in the Wilson household, and the family loves to swim, dance, run around in the backyard and play a game of flag football.

"[My daughter] Sienna and I represent for the girls when we play, and she's figuring out how to move and get her coordination down, so it's really cute to see her play—and she goes full-fire," says Ciara."Win, our youngest son, is going on 2 and it's really fun seeing the world through his lens. Doing all the simple things is our jam."

Speaking of seeing the world, the Wilson family also loves traveling together, especially this time of year when school is out and life is a bit more relaxed. Some of the singer's favorite places to venture to are Italy, for the incredible cuisine (particularly the pasta), and Mexico, as the singer has been learning Spanish since the pandemic began and is "obsessed" with Mexican culture and cuisine. We're sure her whole family will love our Quick & Easy Mexican Recipes, such as the top-rated BBQ Chicken Tacos with Red Cabbage Slaw, to ensure her family is well-fed for all their activities and doesn't have to miss a beat.

All that activity means snacks are a big part of the Wilson household, and Ciara says it has been really important to teach her children balance from a young age. While the family loves baking fresh Rice Krispies Treats together any day of the week, she also likes serving up cheese-and-cracker plates, as well as nachos topped with guacamole and sour cream, to make sure everyone stays full until dinnertime. Our Loaded Sheet-Pan Nachos would make a perfect addition to snack time, as the recipe's super-simple and cleanup is a breeze.

"All in all, my family does pretty well on making good health choices," says Ciara. "We balance the amount of treats in a day, and it's important to me to teach them to be mindful and learn moderation, to establish that foundation early. I do find that level of moderation is best for long-term health and wellness."

We love the singer's approach to healthy eating that seeks to set her kids up to make empowered health choices while still feeling free to enjoy their favorite Rice Krispies Treats and other summer goodies. If you're looking for other summer treats that are both family-friendly and nourishing, try our staff-favorite Strawberry-Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bark. And now we're definitely inspired to gather the family around for a game of flag football and remember that this season is all about those simple moments that make for the most special of memories.